Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Believe My Eyes. . .

And, what is this? As Sophie was looking out the door this morning. Thinking, do I even want to go out? She didn't, if you're wondering. Sophie does love snow though and cooler-colder weather. Yet, it's way to early even for her. I want Autumn back! And hopefully, as we've heard on the news it will be in the next day or so.

Autumn and Indian Summer - I absolutely love that time of the year. I love the colors and the smells of fall. Though without SNOW. Autumn is also one of the times that I think of when I was younger. A part of my life was spent in Pennsylvania; the "earlier" years until I was around twelve. Those years were very special to me. We always had a lot of family that lived around us. Literally. Picture a square, and in that square was a field. The field belonged to an Uncle who never built a house on it but, he did live close by. (He also was the Uncle I remember around Halloween. When I'd dress up with bro and friends together going trick or treating, we'd go to my Uncles. "Treat or Trick, guess who this is Uncle Ralph?" Of, course I'd get the best of candy bars.) But, back to the field - I think my cousins and I were happy about the property just staying a field - we spent a lot of time playing there.
At the top of the square was the original homestead of my Great-grandparents. Next to that was another house built by another Uncle. We lived across the field, as will as, my grandmas other brother next door. The old homestead always seemed to house plenty of cousins for my brother and me to play with. And, if they weren't living there, they were still there. Fun.
Another thing I loved about fall, was walking across the woods behind the old homestead; to my Aunt Margaret's. To walk on the fallen leaves, hand listening to the crunching sounds they'd make. In a kids prospective, it was happy times; Autumn. Very fond memories indeed.
I realize life can throw you many curve balls that don't seem fair. Infact, sometimes just unkind. And, that you may even think of those happier time, even what if. I also know I have someone to bat for me who stays closer than a brother. As is Proverbs 18:24.
It's also very comforting for me to know that: ALL things work out for good; for those that love the Lord. Romans 8: 28 I would even suggest you read all of chapter 8.

Have you considered a relationship with Him? He's never promised things to always go easy, and sometimes the walk maybe a difficult one. He did promise to be there and help us through. And, as in the above pictures. Things will get better and the sun (SON) will shine on through. Never lose HOPE.
The pictures worked out well and almosted as planned. I'm not that good. But He is.

I took a walk with Jesus,
I saw the loveliest of things.
The leaves all of color,
Were floating and dancing.

When looking upward to the sky,
It looked like colorful snow.
Some might have said, “Maybe fairies?”
But, Lord I know.

It’s just Your magnificence,
For all the world to see.
And, while continuing on my walk,
Your smell; so sweet to me.

Autumn is here!
VLB October 24, 2008