Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hello out there!
I am trying something new to me, it's called Frock. It's supposed to make all the things you do on your blog or other web links you might have, easier. The key word easier. I'm a bit afraid of trying it but trying it non the less. In this endeavor I am to report back to my husband who wants me to check this out. So far so good. The photo below was a simple grab, drag and drop onto the work area that I'm typing in. The area I'm typing in also seems more user friendly. As blogger s know the small box that you work out of when you post is can be tedious at times
, of course that could just be me. It seems to take me longer than it should to post at times. especially when adding pictures.

As for the picture below my heart goes out to all those in Australia that are going through this time. The picture was taken from a news link.
Australian fire damage

I'm still learning and working out the bugs, wish me luck.
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