Monday, April 20, 2009

This Morning's Journaling.

This morning I was sitting and writing in my personal journal. I thought I'd share what I wrote. Sometimes when I write it's reinforcing what I already know and somethings can be nonsensical to others. but that's okay. When I thought of latter rain and wrote it down I was quickly reminded of the book of Joel. There are events; prophesy in the Bible that have all ready come to pass and some yet to be fullfilled. But coming all the same. Don't be worrying or hung up with that you might not understand, just get in the word, cling to Him spend time with the Lord as with a best friend.

Monday April 20 ~

My head is full of thoughts it seems,
Many are which you'd say are dreams.
Sitting here I'm thinking; I'm thinking,
In this empty room of mine.
It isn't full of things I have -
It's full of things divine!

For the Lord is setting here with me;
Where else would I want to be?
With my head full of thoughts,
Thinking - thinking even dreams.
While setting in the empty room,
On a raspberry color settee.


It 's grey - even somewhat dark outside,
There's little droplets of rain falling,
falling from the sky.
The birds are tucked away in the trees
with little chirps and tweets of some,
And one that still sings,
Waiting for the sun to shine.
The droplets will soon be gone
All will be fresh and new-
Drenched in the warmth of sun.
VLB 04-20-09

We want the warmth of the sun and not the rain. But even as in nature - for things to grow, what we may not like are needed. During this time pray - pray for latter rains to come; spiritual growth. Strength for today and times ahead still coming. Trust in Him, do not fear what's coming. Be in His word, watch yourself - grow. You need rain, times you may not like. You'll have the warmth of the Son!

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