Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Winding Down ~

May is coming to a close and it whooshed by so fast! I'm glad its winding down but there's still so much left to do. So much in fact I'm not sure why I'm even taking the time to post. . . well, I just didn't want May to end without mentioning a few added things - "blessings," that were left out of the previous post.
Last post had it right with mixed emotions; when you're in the process of a making a big move out of a house you've called home for a while, you just can't help thinking of others that have been in your life while in that home.
For the little girl I've been watching grow up right before my eyes, it's wonderful to see what a fine young lady she is becoming. I've had the pleasure seeing Monica sing one last time this year in the school chorus. They were magnificent and so was the band. All the students put in some quality time to really put on a show. Camera's were flashing and people were clapping. We're all very proud of her - especially her family.

The other blessing was going to a wonderful Tea Shop called the Tree House in Avon, OH; and with non- other than Monica, her Noni and Aunt Rita. There aren't to many people who can say - you actually have friends that are also your neighbors. .
We had such a fun time, the food was awesome and the company was wonderful. I really needed to get out! Thank you dear friends. I don't know what I'll do with out them after we move. The one person that was missing from the group was Becky my old school chum. Next time, okay? There's actually one in Tea shop in Cheswick I'd like to try - I'm sure they must have coffee.


On the creative side of things check out the bag I made. I've been saving coffee bags for a long time and have been wanting to do something with them. I decided bags. What's cool about it I actually used it to bring in the house hot potatoes from the grill while carrying a tray with my Cinnamon Chicken - Grill Roasted on it - everything one trip. I'll be making more of these babies!


Becky said...

Monica is so "lucky" to have you in her life!! She will remember you forever and I know you have made a great impact on her.

The bags are wonderful! You are so creative.

Yes, there is a tea house in Springdale and one in Oakmont (my daughter had her bridal shower there). Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I have moved a lot but always carry with me those with whom I have been close to. God blessed us with memories so that we could carry those special people with us no matter where we go in this life!