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A Letter To My Cousin ~ "The Shack"

This is a long over-due post and one I've kept mentioning I was going to do to a friend.  I've so often thought about it but, was having a hard time putting it to words, as everything in my life, the Lords timing is always perfect.  I spoke with my cousin a short while back and we were discussing  William Paul Young's book The Shack.  At this time I didn't go over my concerns and I wasn't yet able to go into them exactly the way I would have preferred so I didn't really say anything much.  Other than as a fictional book I liked the story line.  I tend to enjoy mysteries and the cover was what really got my attention at the time.  After I spoke with my cousin I new I'd have to write her or I figured we'd talk again soon.

I have been following a wonderful blog from a sister in the Lord, Sunny.  We've never met though she has a wonderful ministry the Lord has blessed her with and Sunny has blessed others with her blog    About My Fathers Business  I hope you check it out.  This is where I found her Biblical based study on The Shack.   This is something I've wanted to do for over a year, didn't have the time or could ever do it justice as Sunny has.  Thank you Sunny for following your heart and allowing the Lord to work through you.  :)  
So after much consideration I wrote my cousin and as I was writing her I thought I'd just do my post in the form of a letter.

Dear Mary,

How’s everyone doing?  I hope you’ll all soon be out of the snow.  Here it’s been beautiful – and no surprise there.  We did get much needed rain here and there; the mountain of course got snow that was most beautiful to look at with its white caps in the evening gave them a lacy effect; beautiful!

When we last spoke we were talking about the book written by William Paul Young, “The Shack.”  Even though I enjoyed the book I had concerns or reservations about it.  I also read The Shack when I was going through a rough time – I needed a shot in the arm, so to speak; mostly I needed to recognize that Jesus was still there with me.  This is one of the deceptions that Satan would use to lead many astray.  Not that Jesus isn’t or wasn’t always there for me – but who the Lord really is in our relationship with him.

When I read the book I sent a copy to one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She hadn’t a close relationship with her biological father who was abusive, so she struggled in her relationship with her heavenly father.  Trusting was an issue so I sent her a copy thinking it would help.  But, it wasn’t received well by her husband.  In fact he blasted me on a post I had on my blog.  He does lack tack at times but does know his stuff (the word) – he just deliverers it in badly sometimes.  This was very hurtful to me, I shut down, I needed that friendship, that relationship, that closeness as describe in the book.  He was right though, even though hurtful and though it wasn’t received well – I thought a lot about the implications of the book as where it stands biblically.  

I’ve always had the Lord right there with me but do to the circumstances we were in I became overwhelmed focusing on our problems and not the Lord.  At the time parts of the book even lifted my spirit enough so that I even choose a couple excerpts from the book when asked to speak at the Woman’s Breakfast for our church group.  I was excited and sung its praise as many others have – but still I was troubled with concerns.  I couldn’t quite put my thoughts down and back them up accurately since I needed that feeling of closeness. 

I was wrong in my excitement and wrong in support of “The Shack.”  It is a book of deception.  The truth is that Jesus is closer than a friend and wants a relationship with you.  God’s love is unconditional but he’s also just.  But to know him you need to seek him – get in the Bible.  Someone I know even said, “After reading The Shack she now knows who God is!”  Mr. Young’s depiction of who the Lord is will lead others astray that don’t know Him and the true Godhead.  It fails to show God’s holiness and the reverent fear we should have for the Lord.  (Proverbs 1:7)
I’m sending a study link along I hope you’ll read.  It’s a study I would have loved to have created myself with the Lords help.  It’s excellent, and found it here  Biblical Review Of The Shack

It hasn’t been totally confirmed that Mr. Young belongs to the Unitarian Universalist Church.  Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion that embraces theological diversity; they welcome different beliefs and Theological Perspectives. however; it seems evident in his book.  In a number of interviews he denies being a part of the “emerging church.” His book even though well written doesn’t accurately depict biblically who God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit is/are; this in turn a deception.

For an unbeliever, that is one that has not accepted the true Christ, the book deceives by keeping them in the dark as to who the real person of Jesus is and the true Godhead.  And, to the believer, one that has accepted into their heart that Jesus is who he is as according to the Bible, a couple scriptures comes to mind - 

Mark 13:22  For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. NKJ

2 Corinthians 11:3  But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. NIV

Let us be diligent in testing all things as to not be deceived. 
Love in Him,

To all the ladies at Cornerstone that were at the Woman's Breakfast - October of 2008 I hope you will forgive me if I miss lead you in anyway.  I thank the Lord for His love and forgiveness that only He can give.  

Lastly, it's the responsibility of every believer to study and know the Word.  We'll each be held accountable for our own walk.  Acts 17:11

In Him and to a walk that is pleasing in His sight.


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Anonymous said...

Hiya Vic and Jim,

Writing from Pretoria north of Johannesburg - this is a beautiful area. I just finished 10 days ministry in Maputo, Mozambique and we are here to
celebrate 2 weddings of dear fellow YWAMers (one of "my" ministries is praying for husbands for dear friends -ha! I can now check off 2 from my list!)

Agreed on the Shack. The church has been suckered in on this book! Argh! It's definitely emergent church heresy junk theology. I am always pleased
when folks "discern" the errors in it and many of our friends have, but unfortunately, many have not and still don't get it! Argh! I don't bother campaigning
on this kind of stuff but rather try to preach/teach the truth and let the Holy Spirit do His work. The Shack is a test for the modern church/"easy believer".

How are you doing and where have you made home now? As they say in SA, "Howzit?"

Blessings in Christ to You!