Saturday, March 3, 2012

How's your day been going?

It started out on the right foot - and I was thankful for that since the past few days have really been something!  We've been concerned for a female dog and her pups that's been abandoned or a run away - hopefully that has been resolved, maybe I'll share more on that another time.  (Very stressful I have to say).  I also could barely walk, my knee had been giving me trouble - actually killing me, though I'm thankful today much better.  So all in all off to a good start this morning.
I had planned to slow cook a pork shoulder and had taken the meat out a couple days earlier - all in preparation to make something tasty.  I also had planned to use up the bananas that seemed to be turning into a soon science project but still usable for what I was thinking.  And, what was I thinking?!  No, not a mix of the two, interesting thought though. 
Well feeling pretty decent and off to a good start I thought I'd make a rub and get the roast ready - I did, check!  While that was setting for awhile I chose to make my Blueberry Almond Banana Bread I had everything for it and then make, with the bananas left, Muffins (I didn't get to this just yet, though started). 
So here, I finished the bread placed in oven - turn it on and set timer to the appropriate time.  Slow oven 325 F for 60 minutes.  I have to add, on the recipe I noted that I left it in a bit longer.  Today that wasn't the case; I set the timer on my stove at exactly 60 minutes.  Started to get the muffin ingredients ready to bake for when the bread came out.  I did some things out side being mindful of the time and would check often but not opening the oven door as "normal."  Okay it was just about ready to come out of the oven and I opened the door and to my surprise - - burnt!!! Oh yeah - burnt.. How was it possible?!  I made this before and never had any problems.  So I scratched the muffins for the time being and thought I'd just drop the temp. to 250 F and put in the roast to slow cook.
So back out side I went and mowed a bit - we had a mild winter and I'm thankful since those pups and mama was out apparently most of the winter - came back in and noticed the oven smoking!  Of course I did put my roast in our Emeril Cast Iron 4-1 smoker with wood chips but couldn't conceive that to be the reason since I've used this method before with "no problem."  Opening the door lots of smoke.
What to do?  I started the grill to finish the roast off and set it to finish slowly - while that was heating up I checked the roast - WHAT! it was scorched on the outside and looked almost half the size!  I checked the temp of the meat and it was 100 degrees on the inside. . . . I barely could carry it out to place on the grill. my silicon holders it truly were heating up so fast I had to fold them in half, talk about hot!  And, as hot as the oven was it still needing cook on the inside.  :/
So I opened the oven up again it was hot and not cooling down!  Remember I dropped the temp. this was to "slow" cook.   At this point I decided to checked the oven temp. with my husbands (Craftsman 1000 Degree High Temperature IntraRed Thermometer - yes he does have one) and it was well over 500 degrees F!!!! Shocked is right and a malfunction wasn't acceptable or even in my vocabulary for the day... I then noticed that the bread wasn't properly done on the inside though more then well outside.  But WHY?  It's a mystery~    :( 
So went back out checking the temp of the grill and it was good; so, I let it go just checking a couple time to see how the meat was doing.  When getting close to where I thought it might be ready I went out for the last check and the grill was OFF!!  I pulled the roaster out; brought it into the kitchen and exclaimed I'm done!  That's it!  Done!  Believe me know pictures weren't taken or required you can use your imagination for this.  :)
Of course I still needed to know why the oven wasn't working.  We haven't a clue.  :/  Though I've mentioned a few previous times I didn't think the oven was working as it should.  I'm very used to and familiar with gas; I actually prefer it so I thought maybe it was me.   So after it cooled down I thought I'd try and see what happens starting it again and setting a temp. to bake the muffins and it wouldn't start.  My husband thought maybe if we kicked the breaker to the oven off maybe it would reset that didn't do --- so on to the manual~
I was happy and surprised it was actually where I thought I put it this time!  :)   "Thankful for that you have no idea how much I dislike looking for things.  Well the manual was a help and I was able to reset it by the use of the timer, odd and the start button.  Wallah it worked! 
Some time has pasted since the excitement of the day~  A few hours.. Had to go into town for some things.  After getting home - I went back to the roasted to tackle what I wasn't quite sure I would be getting myself into.   Only to find it was tender, tasty and shredded up beautifully.  With enough that I made (since I took another break to eat) 3 pulled pork sandwiches and enough to make something else.   That's also was something else to be thankful for~  And the bread? Well it turned out though you can peel off the burnt part.  As for the muffins?  Well they will have to what til morning.

The oven will have to remain a mystery for now. . . still haven't a clue.  I'm thankful its work and I'll have to keep a close watch when I use it for now.

As usual I'm thankful to provide a bit of humor to maybe lighter you day.  :)  It's good to laugh and not to stress and worry.  Though I can't lie to you it was frustrating off and on.  It was good to walk away for awhile. 

So how has your day been going?  I'd love to know.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV

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