Thursday, October 11, 2012

September Here & Gone ~ Here's October!

As you can see I haven't been on that much - sadly, I miss posting -using my "bit" more creative side; I love sharing.  I keep very busy but don't seem to have the time to get it here.  I try to keep some notes before I loose my thoughts on what I want to post though I have to laugh I start forgetting.  LOL For instance I have several things I do for Savoring Flavors - with recipe notes (sticky) stuck on the inside cabinet or written in small notebooks or used mail envelopes - - pictures on my phone (poor) and memory card I transferred - but didn't name it etc.  You get the idea! It's slow and I'm striving to get better.  There are several recipes I've been making and new things I've been doing so I hope you stop by and check I just might have something posted. :)
This year we (both me and hubby) made it to the Salsa Festival Car Show.  The turnout was great, very nice to see the town active since most of the time it isn't.  :(  Of course business like banks, salons, local (yeah--short break it's raining! Awesome!) Restaurants, few clothing stores do having a trickling to steady business.  Safford is a touch place for small business to succeed.  I have to give them credit they work at it very hard to compete.  Mostly we shop small business and do our best to avoid Wally World altogether!  Most of the time (and the rain stopped) L it's the very last place we would stop and most of the time we decide we don't need it and don't!    
Back to the Salsa Festival - we didn't see the Chihuahuas races or the salsa cook off or even shop the little booths.  We just did the car show and we enjoyed that!  Posted are some of the pictures I took of a great mess of cars.  

Now as much fun and joy that getting to go to the car show might have been  - and now into October; nothing compares to the joy we have seeing a picture of our first grandbaby!  Yep it's hard to believe it.  I shared with a friend I look nothing like my grandma's!  We hopefully will see him soon he sure is a sweetheart!
Logan Michael
By the way I do hope you take some time and check out the cars after you stop staring at Logan :)


Deedy said...

ok..must admit, I skipped the car pics and went straight to Logan!!! Even a sweet little smile....congrats Grammie!

Refracted Lite said...

Thank you Deedy - Logan is so sweet and in HI. :( He, Mom and Dad are doing well. Keep us all in your prayers~ Love to all and God Bless.