Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oh My My My . . . .

Another year almost just zipped by - but I'm still here.  :0)  So much time gone and so much to share - where to begin?  hummmm

I'm surely not in the swing of things posting regularly as I'd like and it seems the less time you spend the harder it is.  Though I've had many things pop in my head - no time to sit and post.  I haven't made time to do so.  :(  Maybe its an excuse, or things are complicated, hummmm ~ maybe I'm just busy enough it keeps me away.  I just don't know.  I've been in this - it takes to long to sit mode ~ keep moving!

What I do know, I was blessed to finally see our little "Sweetman" Logan. To actually hold him and give him hugs - a truly wonderful visit I will cherish always.  My new motto is:

And, "Sing Like A Cowboy!"

December was a difficult time for us. My husband went in for a checkup to go into emergency surgery on his neck.  Couple rods, screws - a 2nd surgery repairing the first and halo "contraption" to wear for a few months - I'm singing like a cowboy!

With a continuation of physical therapy an the rest of things sometimes I'd love to run away from; I'm singing like a cowboy!  Many times my husband and I, as well as a few close friends, often say "I don't know how people go through trails without the Lord in their lives."

The Lord has blessed us greatly and I believe that even with the trails in our lives.  How can I not say that with that sweet little man "singing like a cowboy." As our youngest son says, "seeing him makes me happy."

I do have things to share and one day I'll get to all of it.  Meanwhile, I'll show a few pictures I took from a little time away - enjoying the mountain I'm blessed to see from my window and visit once in awhile.

We took a little lunch with us after we got home from church.  This little jaunt was long over due ~ We met a few older ladies whom thought the same bringing a lunch from KFC.  It was nice seeing them enjoying themselves also.  I took their picture together and one of the ladies took ours.

As my Gram would have said, "I'm no worse for wear."  Well I think I'm a bit desert weathered from when we moved here - It was a good day ~

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