Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy Day ....Maybe Boring....

Its Sunday, overcast, rainy and not uncommon for Ohio. For me a restful lazy day and for Sophie? Well she's a bit bored..After we got home from Church, I started thinking of things I'd like to do or finish. Finish; now that would be something. I have projects that I've put off or put up. And with no valid excuse left to use. I fill so badly that I started a quilt for my Julie and ashamed to say for how long. But for some unknown reason, as much as I try, I can't seem to finish it. I'm sure she's given up on the idea of a nice quilt with fabric she pick out her self as a lost cause. I even took everything with me, including sewing machine, last year on a visit. Traveling across country with high hopes to get it done. After some time went by (days) I took out all the pieces and got already to start sewing. Plugged in the sewing machine and it no longer worked. Was it a sign of some sort? I'm not sure. Needless to say I packed it all up and brought it back home. I haven't unpacked it yet.

As far as unfinished goes; my friend and I bought a pin cushion kit, complete with pattern and wool fabrics. I'm guessing this was about 4 years ago and I excited to say we started the project back up. At the time of purchase we thought how fun it would be to get together on days "like this" or even sunny. Just sit, talk, and sew. Where has the time gone? It really isn't a big project at all either. This could be a good sign for the Julie's quilt. I hear motivation sometimes helps. I tend to procrastinate to much and its not good sometimes. I'm always thinking of how to do it better and changing my mind, that my friends takes valuable time. Time I need to spend better.

On this journey called life I'm continually made aware of just how valuable time is. How you spend it is important. Whether praying for someone, helping a friend, finishing a project or reading God's Word; I need to learn how better to be a good steward of time. I read today " it's not how you start the spiritual journey; it's how you continue and how you finish". .

So as I continue learn to finish what I've started while making better use of my time. I'm hoping to share some pics of what I've done. VB

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