Monday, May 19, 2008

I Found It!

Have you ever been hungry for something that you once were used to getting? When we lived in the southwest, we were able to get some of the best and freshest tortillas. Now I've been able to purchase them on occasion. But, quite frankly the quality just isn't there. The cost isn't that great; not to mention all the ingredients that just aren't necessary. So in my quest to find great tortillas that we were once used to; I decided to find a recipe instead. I don't know what made me think that, making such a delicious accompaniment to any bowl of beans, was going to be hard. So I googled and found this recipe on a fellow bloggers site. Its so simple, takes very little oil and hardly any time at all. The pictures show my second batch, made for lunch. First batch I made yesterday. The only changes I made were, 2 Tbsp. less flour (as suggested on flour bag), and I used my kitchenaid with dough hook the second time. They turned out even better. The recipe link is on the Homesick Texan; Apparently she was on that same quest now living in NY from Texas. She was just quicker on draw. hehe

Now for me, anything can go with a great tortilla. Today it happened to be a good bowl of pinto beans I made yesterday. Another southwestern favorite. Each time I make beans I tend to make them different, depending on what ingredients I happen to have on hand. I usually start my beans the same. I get a large pot with good lid. I pour in beans, whatever amount I plan to use, into the pot.
I used 2 cups dry pinto. Discard any undesired bean, wash up with clean water, drain. Cover beans with fresh water 1-2 inches above. Bring to a boil. Cover with lid. Turn off the burner, let soak 1 hour. This same the soaking over night step. If you choose. (I use this method for all beans) After an hour, or when you get to it. Drain off water, replace with fresh water or broth, your preference. At this point my ingredients varies. Yesterday I used 1 med. diced onion, 1 carrot diced small, 1/4 cup mild chili powder, small garlic powder to you taste, 2-3 dried De Arbol Chili Pods (as well as powders); available at , kosher salt to taste and I threw in small grape tomato's I happened to have. Cook till beans are tender but not mushy. You can click on photos to get a better look, Delicious!

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Becky said...

I DO know the cravings for something I have not had in literally years and all of the sudden it comes to mind and you HAVE to have it! A few months back I remembered a comfort food my Mom used to make - fruit coctail pudding. Thank goodness for the internet - you can find almost anything these days! I found a recipe that was exactly like I remembered eating and I think I made it several times in that week and shared it with my parents who were also thrilled to have it again. Mmmmmmmm.