Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wow - after my post yesterday I mentioned that it was dry!   In fact we are in a severe drought.   Yesterday after taking a look at a tree (one in particular) I noticed that even after watering the leaves were drying fast.  This is definitely something you don't want to see first thing in the morning when you open the door to let the dogs out!  

Yesterday the leaves were the color of the grass that's hurting also.

That's right - there wasn't one leaf down -  you can say wow is right!  That was 5 AM; at 3:30 PM we finally are getting a little teaser of what we've been hoping for - PRAYING for.   In the form of a couple drops, the sound of thunder and the beautiful smell of rain mixed with a bit of dust out of the southeast.  I'll take it - it smells good.  Thank you Lord, keep on coming!!

Tea to the right that lost it leaves on the left a bit skimpy!

One of our pecans looking good!

I took the pics with my phone so they're not that great.  Oh and for the rain - not yet it went right over but we are remaining hopeful :)

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