Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just December~

Did you ever wonder how many times a person - like myself - says "I just can't believe it, where does the time go!?"  I've become the virtual broken record (br); repeating the same old recording.  I really must start thinking of new things to say and get on with it!

So gang, Christmas is almost here and another year is coming to a close - never to be again.  We've been blessed with some rain and the Pinaleno Mountains (Mt Graham) are looking spectacular!  This morning when I got up I was looking at the mountains and I have to say I never get tired of looking at them; especially when its this time of the year and there's the right amount of precipitation.  Mountain weather here though will be different than when I first checked this morning.

Taken @ 6:50 AM
As you can see the clouds where lifting some for more to move in.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was starting to fog while I was out there.  I haven't seen "fog" in some time and forgot how neat it is to look at.  It can be dangerous but when you are standing in place and listening, it is most beautiful.  For instance I was happy to hear a wren singing beautifully - I wish I could have caught a picture of this busy little bird or captured the song he was singing to share.  I only got the fog.  :)

Taken @ 7:04 
Slowly, we've been getting things done (br) it has taken so long to get where we're at (br) and has taken a toll (toll - a bit strong but a word I thought of) on all of us.   So this year I'm decorating it up a bit and looking forward to a happier time.  Not going to work myself crazy but try to set back some and enjoy the days ahead this Christmas.  I have been known to decorate for the holidays and have always tried to mix it up with decorating different each year.  We didn't always decorate with a tree and frankly never even missed them, so when I decided to decorate this year, no tree, that is no Christmas "evergreen" but a different rendition of a tree nonetheless ~

From that little kid prospective or if you're short!

 Then I worked on a smaller version~

Did you happen to notice I like icicles?  I've been collecting them for years and surprised myself with how many I have.  What you see is a little over half but I'm not sure where to place the rest.  More than likely they will be left in the box for another time.   All of the icicles made it in the move though there were some casualties in the placement dept. from me.   :(   However,  I'm truly not disappointed and I looking forward to seeing all the kids this year.  We haven't all been together for Christmas in a few or more years.  Here's to making more "happy memories!"

Wonderful memories of Christmas,
Whether we're in plenty or in lack.
With the love of family and friends
Thou they may be near or far;
I'm praying you have a joyous Christmas
And, with Jesus to fill your hearts!

Merry Christmas~
VLB 12-14-11


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations! I can't wait to see them in person. We don't have any decorations but the last two years we had a poinsettia and a wreath to help create a festive mood. This year we don't even have that. I keep hinting to Mat that I want one but I don't think he has the funds. Oh well! I saw a beautiful rosemary wreath the other day at Trader Joe's and it smelled so good.

Refracted Lite said...

I love the smell of rosemary and they do make beautiful wreaths. I had thought of making one myself. I used to make wreaths with fabric in Christmas colors - there's many thing you can do with very little and it's fun to create - your good at it~ See you soon.