Monday, April 16, 2012

And Enjoyable Morning~

The day before my previous post we knew that we were in for a day of blowing dust.  "Blowing dust," a term also used by the NOAA  and a term NO ONE here looks forward to - that a day of blowing dust, as I don't have to imagine as we live through them - no one would.  LOL  But, it is/can be a more common occurrence here than some other places.   We had a slight reprieve you could say and nothing was show or "blowing" for that matter.  So I worked in the garden as shown in the previous post.  It was a beautiful day overall - nice temps etc.     And, "BD,"

It was just late!  Yep - showed up while we were trying to sleep - - and lasted ALL night long.  :(  NOAA also reported that we were to have rain for the next two days (it only last morning :(  ).  The morning after the "BD," I rose to a calmer, quieter, over-cast, spring showery kind of day.  It put a :) on my face!   I was also "BLESSED" with watching humming birds and orioles.  We have at least 2-3 different species of each, more on that later.   Any who I was able to catch a few short clips on my cell phone of a couple female hummers.  This is a first through a window.  The weather was perfect for this - all the birds seemed to be enjoying the shower - we sure were.

I would like to apologize for different background noises you my hear it wasn't a planned thing.  You can hear the hummers. :)

I couldn't decide on the videos I wanted to share so I uploaded those you see ~ 

Here is a really cool site I just found on Arizona: Beetles, Bugs, Birds and more . .
Also Birds found in Arizona here ~  I believe I have a possibility of three different Orioles; Scott's, Hooded and Bullock's.

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