Monday, April 21, 2008

Morning Blessings

This morning what a wonderful blessing to have the beauty of sun shinning through our windows. They old Chandelier crystals hanging above the entry were bouncing with color as the suns rays refracted through. Awesome.

But with all the beauty shinning, there was still a bigger blessing I recieved. So I'll start by backing up a bit--We have been going through what my gram might have said years ago, a bad patch. I'm sure many of you have gone through a bad patch a time or two? Sometimes the things you go through can be stressful and tiresome. As you wait for the answers you're seeking; you most difinitely have good days and bad. The past few have been no exception either and yesterday I guess I was flat out exhausted. In the process I did fix dinner and such but didn't really clean-up. When I finally went to bed, I was pretty much gone. Sometime after I fell asleep and before getting up I was dreaming. I was dreaming of the state I left the kitchen in. It wasn't just kitchen stuff but paint cans with supplies, papers and books, everything that should have been elsewhere. So as I laid there dreaming of cleaning it all up I woke myself up.

As I went downstairs, seeing the sun in entry made me feel happy and turning into the kitchen was a true blessing from God and my husband.

I woke to a beautiful clean kitchen...How absolutely AWESOME! was that. How I love that man of mine.

So I pray for all of you out there today. That God would bless you too. And though I (we) may not know what lies ahead as we're waiting for prayers to be answered; I'll think of how I'm being blessed everyday in many ways.

The Lords timing is perfect,

Don't rush it.

Be ever patient,

Just trust.

12-27-89 VB

Have and awseome day in the Lord.

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Deedy said...

Dear Miss V....WOW!! I love your blog(are you sure we are not related?)
Keep rambling, girlfriend....I so need your you D.