Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Italian!

After the success I had with my last loaf; I thought I'd try another. This time Italian. This recipe makes two good sized loaves. I used a recipe from "The Fresh Loaf," click the link or go to my recipe blog links on right side of page.

First punch down. This dough was a pleasure to knead.

After the first raise and punch down, shape into rounds, let rest placing a damp towel over dough.

Shaped and left to rise again. I thought I'd use my old bread pan this time; instead of baking stone.

Just before placing in the oven.

Awesome two beautiful loaves of Italian bread. Inside temp. 200*
Yummy perfecto!
I was thinking sandwiches, but after tasting, I could just eat the bread!
If you like making bread I have another site listed to the right. Enjoy..

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