Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Visit

Its wonderful to get visits from those you love. Our son Mat was blessed to get the leave; and that in turn was a blessing to us. Things worked out perfect. It's his girlfriend's, (Dannielle) senior year at Cedarville College, and as part of one of her classes she selected, directed and stared in a play called "Kindertransport." It tells the heart-wrenching story of a Jewish mother who sends her 9-year-old daughter "Eva"on a train to England in order to save her from the Nazis. I think it was written by Diane Samuels. "Kindertransport" was inspired by the real-life evacuation of 10,000 Jewish children from prewar Nazi Germany and their subsequent placement in English foster homes. Dannielle played Eva. She had to speak in German - English with all the accents. From 9 years old to teen. Mat said it was excellent. My husband and I weren't able to attend the play, but we loved seeing the pictures of Dannielle and Mat which were taken after the show.

Visits don't always seem long enough, but I love whatever I'm able to get. Even for just a little while we are happy. Below are 2 link of interest.

Link to brief history:
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Becky said...

Your son looks just like you!

Anonymous said...

Awww I'm in your blog! :-) You love me. Hehehe.