Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Walk This Morning

I'm impressed this is my second post today. . .

I sure enjoy being outside. I also enjoy taking pictures. It's a good way to remember some of the beautiful things around you that God has blessed us with. Photography has always interested me. Someday I'd like to take some classes. In the meantime I take a lot of pictures so good and some not so good. I was reading an article in Natural Solutions, May 08 issue.
The article was called; "Turn a Lens Toward Your Life." It was about a form of contemplative photography called miksang. Miksang is Tibetan for "good eye." As in seeing something for the very first time, split second, and not as your brain habitually interprets and judges them. The photographic examples they used, in the article, awesome. And, were the type of photos I've always enjoyed over the years. I've also taken similar photo's though, never new it was a particular form called miksang. The article continues to share that miksang, doesn't explicitly strive to create pretty pictures (though many miksang shots are breathtaking just the same). Instead, it focuses on what our conscious mind tends to glaze over - even if it's a crumpled gum wrapper. I'm not indorsing it as a form of meditation though for that would be against who I am in the Lord. The link below has the full article.

Anyway, some of the photo's I took might be concidered miksang. All I know it is a stress release to take pictures that are of interest to me and well as being out and about enjoying all the beauty God has given us to see.

If you are interested in looking at miksang photograph's, you can go to the Miksang site and check out the many galleries;

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