Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

As you know I haven't been postings as much lately. Getting our home ready to sell, or whatever the Lord has in mind, takes a lot of work. There's a ton of packing, cleaning, painting, and so on and so forth to be done. Even with all of this, I wanted to stop for a moment to to wish every one a wonderful 4th of July.

I often think of our Forefather's, and wonder what they would think of America today. I also think of how much the Lord has blessed this country because of what our Forefather's stood for and the beliefs they had. I pray that God continues to bless America; as we devote ourselves to prayer for our leaders (even if you don't like them), our country, and the soldiers, sailors and airmen, that are serving to protect our liberty and the freedom's this country was founded on.

Also, a special note goes out to my cousin Herb

"Happy Birthday to you and many blessings. Hope you have a wonderful day, one that's chalked full of happy times and memories"

And, not to forget my favorite brother,

Dave(alright, my only brother, but still may favorite) and his wife Darlene.

Happy Anniversary to you guys,
I hope you have many more happy and
blessed years together.

God bless you both, all my love, Vik -

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