Monday, August 18, 2008

Instead Of. . . .

Do you ever feel like this?

Someone sent this to me some time back. Many of you probably received it also and I'm also certain it made the rounds a couple times at least. It was labeled Tough Love. The boy in the picture reminds me of our eldest son Matt when he was that age. Same hair cut and color. Actually the more I look at it, it might just be him. Kidding. Maybe that's why I've liked the picture so much and hung on to it. Its also plain funny.
Lately, I feel the world around me is going this fast. When you are feeling pressure to move along and get things done. And, to you they just don't seem to get done. Even though things are; it just looks like more to do. WORK. . . Stuff. . .
So in my groofy thoughts today I jotted this down. It is a beautiful day.

The sun shining so bright today.
Oh, how I wished I could go out to play.
Instead. . . .
Or go for a drive on a winding treed road.
And, stop for a picnic under a big oak.
Instead. . . .
I could be checking little shops I love,
Maybe sit along the sidewalk; just watching.
Instead. . . .
I should be sewing up a storm.
And, finish a quilt to keep someone warm.
Instead. . . .
How about walking on a beach somewhere.
Or just sitting; soaking up the ocean air.
Instead. . . .
I could even go outside;
And lay upon the soft green grass.
Instead. . . .
I know this list could go on,
On and on, on and on, on and on –
Instead. . . .
I’ll pray that I might have a good day.
And, while I’m here; I’ll dream.

August 18, 2008 VB
There's so many things I truly would rather be doing. The most important one though is not to forget the Lord who's given me this beautiful day.

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Becky said...

This past week I have been doing a lot of "insteads.........." and my house/yard show it! But the memory of planning my youngest daughter's wedding and seeing her marry her best friend was one I wouldn't trade for anything. And I have to say the memory of spending a wonderful day at the zoo with my 5 year old grandaughter and seeing baby elephants for the first time will last longer than the memory of cutting the grass. And the memory of spending yseterday at Kennywood with her for her first time there and seeing her laughing on the rides is a much better memory than dusting my house.

Even the memory of spending the day at the hospital with my dad to support him while he had a treatment for thyroid cancer was one I wouldn't trade, either.

Unfortunately, though, today should be the day that I make those memories that won't and cutting grass.......but maybe tomorrow will afford me time to make some more sweet, lasting memories.

First, though, I am on my way to my daily meeting with the Lord in my husband's comfy chair (while he is at work) and I will pray for you to have a wonderful day filled with some precious memory that only He can surprise you with.

Have a great day!!!!