Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New Blog Spot!

Today after much consideration, I decided I would go ahead a start a new blog. I'm hoping it will work well coinciding with Refracted Lite. The name is: Savoring Flavors. I had many names liked but many like them also and they were already being used. The blog will be just for recipes etc. So we'll see how it all pans out, no pun intended. I'm hoping this will be a plus not a minus to my blogging. There are time when I do a lot of cooking and I always love trying new recipes as well as, creating my own. and, if it all works together it will be a miracle. Much like the pic below. Well maybe not like potatoes but a miracle non the less.

Now about this picture. . .

My husband and I started recycling quite some time ago and during that time we talked off and on about starting a compost pile. So Jim, made a small compost area way out back. We recycled materials we had lying around to construct a box. We figure we'd see just how well this would work out before making a better with better materials.

We kept taking compost stuff from the kitchen like, peels, vege's on there way out, etc, even coffee grounds. Then we tried to follow the "composting recipe." Well it filled up. Then we didn't take stuff out. We noticed there were plants growing on the top. Jim thought they might be tomatoes. That didn't surprise me for we seem to have them growing around other places. They started on there own from seeds that dropped from previous plants.

So to make what seems to be a long story shorter. As I was out mowing, I thought I'd check. I looked at the plants and they did have some little flowers on them (similar to tomato) but, they weren't tomato plants. At this point thinking they are now weeds I started pulling them up. Out came potatoes. Awesome. . I then started putting the plants back. The dirt was great and I'm hoping the potatoes will make it.

God gives us miracles everyday. We need to start recognizing them for the real blessing they are.

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