Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Perfect Sunday Breakfast Food - Or Any Day

When you think of tortilla [tohr-TEE-yuh], what do you think of? Most would say flour or corn. In a past post I did; "I found it of May 2008," my quest of the perfect Tortilla recipe. Lead me to another discovery. The Spanish Tortilla or Tortilla de patatas and also known as the Tortilla Espanola - Spanish Potato Omelet. What a Delicious discovery it's been. It has become a favorite here. This is a comfort food that doesn't set heavy on your stomach or upset it. It's also fairly simple to make though takes some planning and maybe a little more time than most omelets.
Ingredients are as follows: 4 potatoes, 1 large onion, salt and olive oil. Other things you'll need is 1 large pan (skillet), 1 smaller pan (like omelet), large plate for flipping and utensils.

Clean and slice potatoes fairly thin and onions also. Keep separate. Some cooks start the potatoes and the onions in the pan together, your choice.
Heat large pan and then add olive oil. I watch a number of people on [you tube] making this recipe and they used way -- to much -- oil. I used just enough to cook up potatoes and onion as not to stick; 2-3 tablespoons should be good. Use your best judgement on it.
When the pan and oil are ready, put in potatoes and start cooking. Add salt to taste.

When potatoes are a quarter of the way into cooking add onions and a little more salt. Cook until they are done but not over browned or crispy. Just like in the next photo.
When the potatoes and onion are done place in bowl. Beat 4 eggs until there's mixed fairly well but not frothy.
Pour eggs over the potatoes and onions; mix thoroughly but gently.

Get a smaller pan like and omelet pan ready. Med - med. high heat. Heat than add oil as in first step. You don't need as much oil only enough to keep from sticking. When pan is ready pour in veges and egg mixture. Once in the pan tuck it in around the sides but do not mix or stir.
Let cook until the bottom is set. Now for the fun part.
You need a plate larger than the circumference of the top of the pan. (I don't but I'm pretty good at this). Take a spatula and loosen tortilla so you can flip out easily. Place plate over the top and with a good grip turn over. If all goes well it should be in the plate.

Once you've done this slide it back into the same pan. Cook til the bottom is set.
Slide it out onto serving plate and enjoy. Serve it with fruit and tortillas (flour). Or anything you might prefer. It serves 4 and good size portions.
Here are some links you might be interested in and if you are a little concerned about flipping. Try doing smaller portions to start. Also you can have fun, add garlic or green chili. Use your imagination.
Here is the you tube version I used.

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Becky said...

Looks delicious!!!!!!! You sure are ambitious!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was doing good because I made my husband scrambled eggs and toast with a bag of homefries in the skillet! He would LOVE eating at your house!!