Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frank (The Film) _Updated 7/7/2017

Since (having) a garage sale is such a pain both physically and for me mentally. It's was nice to have a short break and a movie. There was so much stuff we wanted to get rid of that, we worked very hard. There's even still more to do and pull out. I'm sure I don't have to tell you about accumulation? We were open on Labor Day and plan on hopefully being open this coming weekend. I was so tired after selling $9, ha, that I was really looking forward to seeing Frank and, I'm so happy we did. (I did sell more via telephone - that made me happier).

I rented this film and I can't say enough great things about it. It's a wonderful family film that everyone can enjoy; no matter what your age is. Of course what caught my attention was the bullmastiff on the cover.
The movie is about a somewhat dysfunctional family and a dog. It made me love the breed even more. If that were possible.

Updated below.
You can check out the site here.  There is a couple trailers there to check out as well.  I had to update the link (today 7/7/17) the previous link was closed.

Hope you have an opportunity to see this and enjoy it with your kids or yourself if you don't have any.  You could also borrow the neighbors GREAT FUN!

Frank came out in 2007.  I recently purchased it at a bookstore in Tucson, remember them?  You might also remember seeing the bullmastiff that played Frank as the same one in See Spot Run another fun movie. VB

The Dove family approved.

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