Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When You Know Your Stressed~~

When you are going through things; and, might I add - letting them get to you. It not only effects you but, everyone and those all around. Take for instance - your dog. I've been so busy that I haven't been getting the girls out on a walk. I can walk them both at the same time, but prefer to walk them separate. They can and do walk well together though, Sophie (bullmastiff) walks best.

Anyway, this morning I thought I'd walk them both. So we headed outside. I already had Sophie's leash but needed to get Miki's out of the truck. As soon as I opened the door. Miki was in. Both do love riding. Miki was refusing to get out. She just looked at me. She probably wanted to drive off and not come back. I know this because I've felt this way myself. So I decided to shut the door and leave her there.

Sophie on the other hand was ready to go, and we did. We had a nice walk and since she doesn't run off, she's aways able to run out in a field on her own. Awesome. After Sophie's run we headed back to the house. Of course Miki still in the truck was sitting in the front passenger side. I asked her if she planned on getting out? She just sat there and acted annoyed.

(Playing feeling sorry for me).

Well I let Soph in the house; leaving the truck and door to the garage open. Thinking Miki would follow. Nothing. I went back out to check on Miki. Still setting there. "She's a Jack and stubborn." Finally, I had to pick her up and love her, she then was happy and wagging her tail ran into the house.

There are many morals to the story I could write. This particular post was actually started Friday, Sept. 5. It was a bad day all around. You know the sayings - when it rains it pours? After the walk, Jim (my husband) went for a doctor's visit and ended up checking into the hospital. He's still there and we're hoping he'll come home today. Monday, Sept. 8. He was pretty ill but definitely much improved and good that he was there. It's funny how things happen and work out for some reason. This is only part of what happened on Friday the rest I'll keep for my personal journal.

So the moral to the story: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not onto your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

It's now Tuesday. My husband was released yesterday from the hospital. Yesterday was as crazy as Friday. There was much more I want to add to this post. But, somewhere in it's timing there's not much more to add. Other than it's now Wed. and the above passage still holds true.

I will include this. Don't hold on to the stresses of this life. He is faithful who calls you. He will come to your aide. He does answer prayer.

Lastly, about Miki, she truly dislikes getting her picture taken. I used my phone. LOL Who would believe years ago you'd take pictures with your phone, and one that you could leave your home with. Yes, I'm old. . .Sometimes even wise.

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Becky said...

Your dog is tooooooo funny!!! How cute!!!! I'm sure you can use the humor she provides with all you are going thru. Keep hanging in there!!!!!!