Monday, November 3, 2008


What can one say about this Presidential Election? Other than it could be one of the most important election's ever. Or at least in my life time. I pray that everyone truly look at what is at stake. I pray when you go to the polls you vote for Biblical values. Pray for God's wisdom and trust Him on it. I pray for God's mercy on our country; for we have gone astray from the values that once were held dear. We've become desensitized and luke warm. We have become that frog in a pot water, that just adjusts to the temperature; to die in the end.

How can we justify not doing what is right in the Lords eyes. Let's vote the Bible on the issues tomorrow. Let's stand as the Christian Nation our Fore Fathers fought for and the freedoms our Men and Women fight for today. Let's speak for the rights of un-born and children, as well as traditional marriages between men and women. Let's vote for using our own natural resorurces and not depending on others; while still seeking other energy alternatives. These are just a few. Let's once again excerise our voice by voting the Bible. Let's pray for All those in leadership, that God would give them the wisdom to do what's right in His eyes.

"One Vote" - (official)


Becky said...

Again, I say amen. God is still in control no matter wo wins the election thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything McCain stands for. Both Obama and McCain are far from who I wish were president, but Obama is farther and therefore I have to go with McCain and leave the rest in God's hands because He is ultimately in control.


Anonymous said...

I meant to say I DON'T agree with everything McCain stands for.