Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm Home~

I trust that everyone had a good Christmas. I’d been kind of on a leave of absence from posting lately. When I got back in to Ohio it was my wedding anniversary of 30 years; the 6th of December, WOW! How many people can say that? The flight wasn't bad; though I did have a long lay over in Chicago. That wasn't so bad either. I very miss Jake and Julie. I also miss my grand pups. I definitely miss the beauty and weather of Oregon. When I left it was in the 50's high for the day and sunny; (Jake said when we spoke later in the day) I left 6AM for Portland a two hour drive. So it was cool but clear and nice. I came home to nighttime, but flying into Chicago I felt like I saw the last of the sun in flight. The flight only started to have cloud cover the closer I got into the area, but for most of the flight I could actually seen land below. And, since I've been home I've only had the sun peaking out here and there. Bummer! And -

I first started this post on the 14th then passing on to the 21st day of December officially the first day of winter talk about BURRrrrrr! The weather has been crumby and most of us in Ohio, I'm sure thought they were close to loosing their minds with wind literally blowing for what seemed days. The gusts were awful. One night it was the lovely low of zero degrees low and with the wind chill factor - will let's say it was minus in double digits. My son loves checking and comparing the temps of the North Pole with us. Not much difference. Boy do I miss the Northwest!

Anyway I promised some more pictures out and about in Oregon. I started posting pictures several days ago before the post and removing many also. I took tons and I'd love to show them all but, it's much too tedious. I hope you enjoy them. And, if you didn't know you can click on pictures to get a larger view, as well as, new pictures on the side of my blog. They will take you to somewhere you might like to visit. Also I took some really cool pictures of the ocean and sprays of water that crashes into the shore line also up onto the bridge of Depoe Bay. Maybe I can post some of those as well as a few more pictures of my son Jake and the crew practicing towing. I can’t believe all that I took.

But for now I hope you have continued blessing from this Christmas that linger on into the new year.

Below are a few pictures taken in Newports Nye Beach,it's about 10 miles south of Depoe Bay. There's a small bakery there that make the best latte~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adventures With Harvey ~

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since I was here in Depoe Bay. It's still just as beautiful. The deck may be a little more weathered but it's awesome to sit on. The climate has been mild and it's great for walking all my grand pups.
Harvey is the newest addition. He is the totally all black pug. Harvey got out and we had quite the adventure trying to find him. I climbed fences and chopped my way through many thickets of black berry brushes. (Not fun) This took about three hours of time. Jake also was searching and he certainly didn't want a repeat of the last time Harvey disappeared. It was during a storm with pouring rain and wind. Both he and Julie search but they couldn't find him anywhere and with the wind blowing as it was, they wouldn't have heard him if he'd been crying. So Harvey spent the night out by himself. So we prayed and believed God for the return. Next day, Jake went out and searched again. Finally Jake said he (Jake) started to yell out his name, there he appeared like out of nowhere. He was dirty and still had his bells on from Halloween. Anyway, he was sitting at a neighbors house, (Jake calls the preacher man). He ended up there the second time after searching. I kept prayed to the Lord to keep him safe and that we'd find him soon. There he was sitting and waiting at the preacher man's house. Julie said maybe he's trying to tell us something.
Harvey was lost and then found. He had a safe haven till he was reunited with loved ones. We all were so happy to see him again.
God is awesome. Below are some pictures around the house.