Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yesterday Was Yesterday!

Yesterday was yesterday
And, it still holds true.
But today is on the lighter side;
Just for you.
VB 1/20/09

Yesterday's Blog was a bit on the heavy side of things as I was very tired. Thoughts, emotions, etc. . . all still important to think and write about. Given some of the feed back I received, it appears I must have painted a grim picture of doom and gloom. We've been going through some rough times over the past year or so and the emotions sometimes get the better of me. However, God is faithful and helping us through; I was hoping that the verses would have provided balance and inspired all of us to be hopeful. I don't believe God ever promised and easy life ~ He did promise his faithful, to help us through if we put our trust in Him.

Winter can be truly winter, with its dark cold days and even colder nights, can and often does change a woman's mood.

So back to the "lighter-side" of things.

I've decided that I've reached the part of my life that I've heard other women talk about and I'm sure many of you have heard of this too:

"I just go and go all day doing the same thing -- Cleaning and working in this kitchen and I never get done. It never seems to look red-up (Pittsburghese for "clean up") or "picked-up." "

I've enter The Zone where my kitchen always looks the same. . . that place I only heard about and thought I'd never enter. NO, NO, NOT ME! I've personally seen women toil all day long, and I'd just shake my head in disbelief because at the end of the day everything looked the same from when they started. Now I've joined the ranks of these women. I worked very hard trying to keep my kitchen red-up all day, and I mean all day yesterday, but at the end of the day, and to my dismay, I feel I didn't accomplish anything I had set out to do. I did spend time blogging, which just now occurred to me as a reason why nothing was getting done -- LOL ("laugh out loud" for those of you who aren't into text messaging)

It seems like most days are like that, trying to get things done. What makes it worse is that my husband took pity on me last night and cleaned the kitchen for me as I was hiding (not really). I don't want to over look what a blessing this was -- as he's surprised me before, which was a part of one of my April 21st post last year. But to a woman in the Zone, can this truly be good thing?

Anyway - moving on.

Having help is always a blessing. And speaking of blessing's we've, been blessed with our son Mat and his fiance Dannielle being here for a visit for the past week now. That could be another reason I'm in the kitchen as much as I've been. We were also able to celebrate Mat's birthday and we also had an awesome dinner with our pastor and his wife. Of course the ones that weren't here we surely miss.

Me and Mat taken with my phone.

Mat and Dannielle

Aaron and Mat

Jim and Aaron

The awesome Chocolate Stout Cake I made. The candle credit
goes to Julie @

And -

Here's something fun and easy to do. I made the bags from Tee-Shirts I planed on getting rid of. I found the idea on line. So easy to make too. Sew bottom, cut sleeves off and make a larger opening around the neck. I placed a pocket on one to use the logo.

Oh the zone thing also seems to affect your mind. The birds in the picture on previous post were Eastern Blue Birds. That's something else that's missed watching birds. Keep looking up!


Anonymous said...

That cake was soooo good!

Becky said...

I love the pictures!