Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sharing in my morining. . .

I keep a personal journal for all my inner most thoughts, sometimes they're even silly. I haven't been keeping up with it for a while now; this might seem odd since I have this blog. It's not that I don't have anything to write about, my heart is so full I have just to much to write. My entry this morning was the first I've written since December.
BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE! -3 degrees YIKES! Ground hog day has come and gone but is it any surprise to you that he's seen his shadow? Imagine 6 more weeks until spring.
We are still here - still in moving mode -help me LORD! The rest is for me and the Lord. Sorry. He is and has always extended His grace to me. So today I wish you His grace extended to you. His Love that covers a multitude and peace that passes all understanding. I pray you enjoy your day.

The sun shines bright ~
Over the winters white.
All things are frozen ~
It's quiet outside.
The trees are all glistening ~
Still in a winters sleep.
As the sun shines bright ~
Over the winters white.
VLB 02/05/09

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