Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Winters Morn ~

They do say winter will end; that's what they say. Who are they anyway?

When I was a girl living in Pennsylvania at this time of the year - well it's different on a kid than a grownup. We lived above a the hollow that was full of trees and foliage. You could look out the big picture window and the hollow looked magical with all the glittering diamonds of snow on the trees. As the sun would rise it looked frozen in time; another place you'd be. I loved it and it's beauty. When you're that grownup you wished you were that kid.

Things always seemed different - better, somehow. This morning when I got up at 6AM it was 4 degrees, YIKES! Still some warmer that previous days.

But this morning when I took these pictures outside my door, there was life out there.
And even with it's blistery cold temperature the birds are busy singing. Hopefully Spring will be on it's way soon. I realize I keep saying that, maybe I'll start to believe it since I am saying it so much.

Meanwhile, there's beauty to behold amongst the cold. Thank you Jesus! So I'll look from inside to the wonders out there. I'll think of fond times of old to keep me warm and pray for better days ahead.

Still there's always packing, cleaning and hopefully projects (fun projects).

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