Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Coming!

It's coming, yes Mother's Day is on its way. I've been working on on some things and this is what I made my Mom; don't get to excited she knows she's getting this. She has already seen a part. It's for mail - or whatever you'd like to use it for. I made this with all recycled pieces of fabric I've used, was given or worn. Yep, worn. The worn part only was the pockets for favorite jeans.

The butterflies I cut from material and hand appliqued them to each pocket. No sticky stuff was use for this. I also embroidered antenna on and legs. The wood was leftovers from one of Jim's projects. I didn't care to use dowels. I had other I ideas about hang it but decide to sew a strip of fabric from the denim I used for the back and holes will be drilled into the upper strip of wood for hanging.

Unless I get more fabric with butterflies this will be one of a kind.

If I don't get to post for Mum's Day ~ I pray you have, that is if your a Mother, a wonder blessed day in Him.

PS ~ I also have added to my site's, a new one you can find it by scrolling down a short ways.

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Becky said...

Beautiful!!!!!! She'll love it!