Friday, June 12, 2009

A Bit Of Mystic~

I thought I'd share just a few pictures I was able to get of Mystic, CT. this past Monday. Of course the highlight of the trip was Mathew and Dannielle getting married - a very beautiful ceremony I'll share about a little later. Picture was taken with my phone I was without my camera at the wedding but, it was being used. I don't know if I'd do that again.

The trip started out with trying to leave Ohio Wednesday of last week - it seemed to be taking forever to leave the area - and boy we really had a time of it too! We had so much to do and load to take to the kids. We found out earlier that the rehearsal and dinner was going to take place Friday so I had to prepare the Chicken Tikka Masala and freeze it to take. I'm so thankful and happy I did too; for there was no way I could have pulled that off with making it there. I also made a wonderful Cocoa Apple Cake (new recipe) that traveled very well. If fact it road on top of the truck a short distance without us even knowing it wasn't latched down. . . The truck needed to have some work down and as with everything sometimes some things always seems to go wrong or take longer (though nothing real major) We borrowed a trailer from a friend also to haul the goods. LOL We also ended up having to take our dogs (but they're the best travelers and love to go) so I needed to make sure all there stuff was ready like food, I make it myself. We also were going to have another traveler coming along.

Tuesday Dannielle's friend Anna got a ride to the house, she was one of the beautiful bridesmaids in the wedding and a very lovely young lady we enjoyed her company and out look on things. Well, Wednesday came and gone - moving into Thursday. We finally started loading and there was threat of rain but Jim got everything wrapped up tight so when we did get some rain everything was fine. Now all loaded and finally off (leaving the house around 8 PM) we needed to make one stop before leaving the area but while we were in the parking lot at Giant Eagle, Aaron noticed the trailer lights were no longer working properly. Jim brought the right tools for everything so he was able to do some electrical work on it and finally we were officially on the road by 9PM. You could say stopping was a blessing ~ that's when we found the cake!

Aaron was a trooper driving straight through I stayed awake myself snoozing here and there once Jim was awake I think I might have had 30 minutes to and hour before pulling into Mat's.
So we unloaded everything and got it into the house. Aaron was able to get about 3 hours sleep at this point the rest of us worked around there while Mat ran errands. Not forgetting the rehearsal and dinner I started the rice and made a cucumber dish to go with the Masala for 6PM. All went well but I was happy to get back to sleep. Saturday was more to do and Sunday was the BIG Day.
There's so many more stories I could tell maybe later. I did tell Anna a few times that we do seem to always provide and adventure or some form of entrainment wherever we may go. HA Over all we all weather the trip well I wished we could have stayed longer. Monday was a more restful paced day being able to spend much of the day with the newlyweds and wonderful day for taking pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mathew and Dannielle! Looks like it was a lovely wedding and a beautiful day!

I really enjoyed your pictures of Mystic! I love visiting there when I go back home for a visit. Makes me miss my hometown!

I enjoyed reading about your adventure and look forward to more stories! Thanks for sharing!