Monday, June 15, 2009

The Rest Of June Happenings. . .

I haven't been actively writing as much as I would like and I miss blogging. So I've been trying to keep my thoughts collected and not forget anything I might like to share. I do have notes here and there but in light of my mind being so preoccupied I sometimes forget where I've placed them. Ha ha. If that isn't bad enough I've written many recipes and left them without names! I really am busy or maybe I just think I am - Lord only knows.

We had a wonderful time in CT for the wedding - we were very busy, but just to be away from here and somewhere else was such a blessing for us. We didn't want to return to the same. Have you ever felt like this?

I don't have more to say on the wedding or pictures to show - except to say it truly was beautiful. Dannielle you looked beautiful and Mat you looked handsome and happy just like the boy we once new. You guys did a great job, even though I know it was a stressful at times everything you planned came together.

We are happy for you and may God bless you all your days ahead. We're also happy that you had a wonderful Honeymoon and it was a blessing you could enjoy a couple weeks before having to get back to work.

Dannielle made little soaps for everyone at the reception, she went with a beach theme and the tables looked very pretty. I wished I had a picture! She also made candles using coconuts and had a bottle on the tables with a beautiful message; reminiscent of the message in a bottle that someone had cast into the sea. Each bottle had love poem in it. (If I'm correct.) I also made something for the bridemaids and one for Dannielle's mom, a little cloth pocket for a lipstick - or whatever you might like to use it for - that would fit something of that size; maybe a thin cell phone.

I idea of the pocket came from my best girl Monica. Before school was out she had a sewing class and they hand stitches them. So one day we got together and made some. But for the ones I made I lined and machine sewn except of the small opening when turning them right side out.

It all started with the little pink one on the right that Monica made.

I made the blue pocket (pouches) that day and for the wedding I used material from a dress I made years ago from Batik fabric with a bright topical print and on for the lining used a leftover cotton I had for a baby quilt; I used my photo printer to put their names and wedding date as you see above.

To do that all I did was cut the fabric to the size that would go through my printer and ironed to the back of the fabric freezer paper to make the fabric stiff enough to work. In word publisher I pick the font I liked and whala!

Lastly, but certainly something that couldn't be left out - is a fun filled party after we got back from CT.

I saw this awesome idea on another blog. It was having a movie night outdoors it is reminiscent of a drive in. There still are a few around but that's another story. Anyway - I mentioned it to my friend and neighbor Joan and thought it would be fun for Monica and her friends. We had the projector all we needed was a sheet and a DVD player and sound; Check - it all came together for her. It was a Done With School Party / Sleep Over. It started at 6pm with pizza and smores. Monica and her Aunt Rita also made cookies and a Oreo cake. Then when it was dark the movie picked was Mama Mia and was played in the garage so they could see and dance along. There was also a tent that was put up but collapsed before they could sleep there. My son Aaron put the tent up and we fear foul play! LOL! Then for breakfast I went over and did pancakes on the grill. I believe they all had a great time.
I was so happy that Monica had a fun time at her party. She and no kidding here, loves my pancakes and often puts in a request. You'll find the recipe here: Pancakes On The Grill!


Becky said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!! I'm sure it's a party she'll never forget. She is so fortunate to have you in her life.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really wish that I could have another as, alas, I lost the cute little purse you made me with our names and wedding date on it! :-(