Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Last Harvest Here ~

I thought I'd take this opportunity and share a few pictures of my Lavender this year. Strange I really would not have imagined we'd still be in Ohio, though I'm happy I was able to harvest what I could get from the couple plants had. I also took cuttings off my Greek oregano. Out of the Lavender I was able to make a few cute bundles and the rest of the buds will be used for a hefty stress pouch. Yippee!

My herb bed above sure needs some help I was not able to give. The front pictures are of three different types of mint. But the Lavender seem to do better this year than last; through in some wild growing daises and you have a very pretty picture.

Here's my cuttings. Since this was my last harvest I just cut the plants off low. You usually get one good harvest possibly two. I hoping who takes over will have a healthy harvest next year.

I can't leave out the Greek oregano. It really was left a little long but new shoots are in there and I plan on getting them!

Miki is off digging and hunting so I have Sophie as my companion. She was enjoying the sunny morning. All the pictures were taken with my phone. My Gram never would have believed it.


Becky said...

Your harvest is magnificent!!!! I ENVY it!!! The lavendar is wonderful!!!!! You would absolutely laugh (or cry) if you saw mine!!!! Ever since you gave me some of the lavendar in a pouch I have just loved it and wanted to grow some so badly. That's exactly what I did - I grew it badly!!! I have one tiny little bit coming out of the ground........

You certainly do have a green thumb!

Refracted Lite said...

I can't take the credit for that. They like sun and good drainage. I don't think they like to be to wet. I'll try and get you some info. I've had several plants at different time and not all turned out. You need to check out the west coast and the beautiful lavender fields. You're in heaven!