Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Quiet Morning With A Bit Of Nostalgia~

This morning is a quiet morning - a bit rainy so I thought I'd sit here a short while with coffee in hand and think of something to share. On mornings like this you move some, slower and I like listening to a station here that plays music from the 20's - 50's. You can listen to it via internet if you'd like; go to this link: Many of the song reminds me of all different times of my life and I also like watching Northern Exposure and the music that was used on the series is very much this. It places you somewhere else in a different time and place. I was so happy to find out recently I can listen on line so where ever we go the music is there. Very nostalgic. I've been working - packing and I don't think I need to tell you how arduous that can be! So before I truly hit my sewing room and pack it up I do squeeze in little projects. I've been doing quite a bit of recycling in the fabric and old clothing dept. Most recently I've put together a bag from a pair of shorts that I hope to share soon with you. The hang up has been in the grommet area. I had only gold and I wanted to use silver. It seems when you're looking for something in particular that's when you can't seem to find it.
The bag was actually finished except for the grommets to use for the rope handle I'd I have. Two days I finally found the grommets but when I got I could use them because my tools you use to pound them together are the wrong size. . . This was very discouraging indeed. So while I was sleeping or trying to I started thinking why can't I come up with something in all the tools and stuff my husband has in his work shop. I plan on fitting the search in sometime today. A couple of days ago I found a magazine I really like and it's definitely worth sharing. It's called Mary Jane's Farm. In there are wonderful ideas, cool projects and many nice stories to read many of them sent in from other readers. You can also check it out on the internet at: When you go to the site make sure you click on (meet Mary Jane) and it will take you to videos and you can hear her story right from her. She also has so many organic helpful hints on just about everything that you can put to use whether your a farm girl living out our in the city.
I so feels like Fall here and many people I've talked to has wondered just what happened to summer. Many children have returned back to school. County Fairs are on the roll, crops are being harvested the list could go on and on. Fall is my favorite time though I was truly hoping to be having my cup of coffee this morning elsewhere. What a journey we've been on. I told my husband that I wanted to be picking apples on Mt. Graham at Angles Orchard in Safford, AZ this month. The have every type imaginable and its a wonderful place to be. Rows and rows of apples. So if your reading this and are the praying type pray I can still pick in September and I'll share pictures with you, maybe a recipe or two.
Yes, it's been a nostalgic type of a morning here and interestingly enough the word nostalgia was (according to Wikipedia) describes a longing for the past
The term was coined in 1688 by Johannes Hofer (1669-1752) in his Basel dissertation. Hofer introduced nostalgia or mal du pays "homesickness" for the condition also known as mal du Suisse "Swiss illness" or Schweizerheimweh "Swiss homesickness", because of its frequent occurrence in Swiss mercenaries who in the plains of lowlands of France or Italy were pining for their native mountain landscapes.
I think we all get a little homesick sometimes, easier - maybe what we believe to be happier times. Thinking and longing -
My sister had said of pictures that were taken of me like the one on the left "wish you were smiling.
Look on the bright side, you never did like Ohio" and I added, "True - but just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm not joyful inside:0) I have grown weary of all this fun. . ." And she replied, "You are right !"
I'm reminded of a verse in Proverbs 15:13 A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed. In all fairness it does not look like a happy picture of me and I've been told I have a nice smile and laughter but I'll be honest here, I've allowed myself to become weary of my situation here and there. My focus and your focus can't be on the problems. It's amazing just how many scripture verse there are in the Bible that the Lord truly wants us to be joyful and He wants to take all our burdens and troubles.
So think happy today let the Lord take your troubles and give you peaceful and a joyful heart. All you do is ask Him. And, remember that all time favorite Walt Disney's Pollanne? Look up all the "glad texts!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Shirt - Skirt!

Okay - we all have that favorite shirt that we just can't seem to throw away, if the truth be told a have a few. Well the shirt below was my husbands and he wasn't really wearing it; it was so soft and comfy I took it. I wore it will working on the mail route I had as well as, for painting, yard work - or just to wear so needless to say after we moved here I did seem to wear it as much. It's over 12 years old and was getting on the thin side. It's just been here doing nothing and I didn't want to toss it but kept getting close to tossing it; until I saw this idea in the ReadyMade Magazine Sept 09 issue. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it myself!

So I thought I share with you what I did. It is such a cute and has so many possibilities. As it is it fine but, I'm going to play around with maybe applique or make something to go under it. So it would be more like a work -skirt apron thing. will see. Anyway for the creative sowers out there, don't toss - start creating. Do you realize just how much material there is in a shirt? Have some fun, you haven't wore it in such a long time, you can't even give it away! Cut it up! LOL

This is the shirt.

The directions had you cutting just below the arms. I needed to go just above - the shirt was to short.

I added fabric to openings of the arms so it would be even turning under for the waist band. I also had to remove pockets -if left they would be to high to waist.

Not to bad!
Then with may serger I finished the edge to turn under. Since I did that I didn't have to double; I turned down once.

Next was sewing it around and adding to button holes to run my draw string, ribbon, etc through to hold shirt up. I may change this and use loose elastic also.

The string used is from pair of Capri's I was tired of messing with.

How's it look?
Just think of the possibilities!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lighter Color Is For Today!♦

For this post to make sense I changed the back ground to a light color but went back to darker - it makes the pictures pop out.  Maybe I'll change the colors again some day ~ 3-12-13 VB
It's been a hectic last couple of days and with the ever existing Facebook battles I just thought I'd lighten things up a bit, and make some color changes on my blog. What do you think? I haven't ventured out in the "web"world to get a printed back ground that so many have - I do love them all. But for me and at the moment - I'll stick to simple. I still like the dark background for most of the pictures I post - though a Lighter Color is For Today! I'm sure it will be sticking around awhile. It does brighten things up, don't you think? :) And, Becky thanks for your comment I guess you got to see the colors first, glad you like it!

I needed some brightening up too! I guess I've been feeling a little weary. When you go through things that tend to be endless sometimes you just get tired of it. I still keep my faith and that truly gets me through, as well as prayers. I know many of you have been keeping me in yours and I can't tell you how much I appreciate them and your friendships.

My husband is reading this book called The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson and I would like to read it as soon as he is finished. Jim often reads aloud what is of interest and one thing that caught my interest was something Bill Johnson said, "The Bible says faith comes by hearing --not from having heard." Of course it was in response to what he had been sharing but, I liked this phrase and that got me thinking.

It got me thinking of times when you don't refuel. For a believer this can be a danger ground to tread on. Being in the word is more than reading and gaining "head knowledge." It's about having a walk with the Lord; an intimate relationship with Him. He wants to be in every part of your life but He, as is the Holy Spirit; a gentleman and will not force His presence on you. You have always had free will. He waits for you to ask. He is always there and waits for you to take the time. When you don't refuel you run on fumes. As one who drives you know for a fact its unrealistic and it does not get you where you need to be.

Jesus wants all of you. When you are with Him it's like being with a loved one or friend. You just can't wait to spend time with them. You know everything about them and they reveal all things to you, since you have that intimate relationship. Now if you don't know the Lord, He would like you to. Mostly everyone has some knowledge or has heard of Him but He wants something more. He also said there is only one way to Heaven. Many may come and say there are other ways but there's only one.

And as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life.
Or everyone who believes will have eternal life in him.
“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:14-17 NLT
He stands at the door of your heart, knocking. We were created for a relationship with a Father that truly loves us. For a person that has excepted the Lord into their life you have the assurance of eternal life by faith. If you have not asked Him into your life you will never be disappointed of the decision you make by doing so. If fact, it will be the best one you ever make.
In John 10 it tells the story of The Good Shepherd; if we are His sheep we should know He's voice. It also tells of a stranger who's voice the sheep did not recognize so the sheep would not follow him. Do you recognize The Shepherds voice? Shepherds would tend their flocks knowing everyone of them and everything about them as do the sheep in knowing the Shepherd.
My Dad has chickens and he's had them mostly all of his life and he spends so much time with them that he knows everyone, even what hen and rooster they came from. Two chickens could be standing together looking identical (like twins) and he would know the difference. They follow him around "they know him," they will not follow anyone else. That is how we should be with Jesus.
Now you might be thinking I do the best I can but I don't always have the time I'd like. And, that might be true, but there's always time - this is coming from someone who knows first hand. Even when I think I'm not strong enough He is my strength and in my weakest moments; I can cry out and He is always there - always available.
Did you know that when He was speaking with His disciples about things to come, He was talking to them about His leaving and where He was going they could not follow. In John 14, Jesus said that He would not leave them as orphans. Further on He said in verse 26 That the Father would send you a Helper, the Holy Spirit, in His name and that He - the Holy Spirit, would teach you all things, and bring to remembrance all that Jesus had said. Did you know that was not just for then? - But now! Jesus tell us that greater things than this (miracles - sign and wonders all that Jesus did) we would do and greater; John 5. Imagine that! He is the same yesterday, today and forever; all we need to do is ask.
Ask Him - into your life, ask Him for the Holy Spirit - Have that intimate relationship with Him who loves you. People comment many times; I don't know how you do it! It's all the Lord. But it's not enough just to ask Him - you also need to be apart of this relationship, just like with your loved one or friend. Remember the phrase that caught my interest and got me thinking?
"The Bible says faith comes by hearing --not from having heard."

You have to do something yourself. How do we/you hear? My husband does something wonderful in the evenings; I am most of the time (that's lately) exhausted when I finally get to bed, Jim reads the Bible out loud, I do fall asleep on him may times but what a blessing it is for me. That's just one way. Today the world is full of so many uncertainties but there's one thing that you can be certain of. That's Jesus~

It was love from the start -
I felt it from within my heart.
A love so deep -
I knew I was one of His sheep.
A gentle love that guides me.
Leading me faithfully -
Even when I'm asleep.

It was love from the start-
Even when I'm in the dark.
A light that guides my path-
speaking to me from within my heart.
It was Love from the start.
VLB January 1988

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All In A Day - OR 2!

Yesterday I finished up a Beach Bag I was making for a friend and I think it turn out awesome; maybe the best one yet. I've been hoping to get some quick projects done as I plan to pack up my sewing room. I think I'm going to miss this room. I finally got it worked out but never really got a chance to use it fully. Well, I guess that's the way it goes sometimes?

The bag does not take that long to do and I had the material already, only thing that I need was the webbing for the handles I used cotton. Finding 1-1/2 inch width was a job and I plan to (if I have the funds) buy it when I see it. Or on the web through my web portal -where virtually everything is at your finger tips. Okay I'm being facetious - but you really can find anything in there.
The pattern for the bag was found on the web at: It took me some time to locate it I printed the instructions out in 2001. I used a cotton Duck Canvas that will hold up. This fabric is used for a lot of outdoor type projects. I've been thinking for years of making a hammock and there's so many pretty colors and prints out there for use.

Another project I've been working of for a number of years now (silly me) is a bag or tote of my own made with my Gramma's remnants of once beautiful draperies. I do have full size pieces of this beautiful vintage material but I using pieces from it that had been already sewn together something she and her sister Margaret were making. You never throw things out you find new and creative ways to use it!
I've been working on an idea in my head for awhile now I've putting to use not only the remnants from Gram but my "favorite" jeans. Also I have some glass seed/beads I've been adding here and there to dress it up a bit. soon (I'm hoping) I have it done. If not here at my next stop.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Moon

I really don't have the lens to take perfect shots of the moon, but these didn't turn out so bad. It's a beautiful night here and it feel so nice out; through the photos do not do the moon justice. I'm reminded of evenings when I was younger visiting with our Aunt Margaret and Uncle Vance. We'd set out at their place and the sound of the night critters like crickets I so love to hear. The moon is so wonderful to see in all its fullness.
The moon just isn't something of beauty - and it not is the sky by chance. God created everything for a reason even the moon. Below is just one site of interesting things.
The moon is up there shining bright;
For all the world to see.
Looking down on you and me;
For all eternity.
A wonder.
VLB 08-04-09

And God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. Genesis 1:16

Thank you Eileen for reminding me and sending along the verse. I love the Lord and I've always been in awe of His creation, but the more time I spend with Him I'm always amazed at His love.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blue Berries and Prayer ~

Yesterday morning I went for blueberries - I figured it was the last time here I'd be doing so - so why not! The berries were so wonderful last year I was hopeful to get enough to dry for the road or for making delicious scones. When I got to the farm the lady attending said it's slim pickings. Well I grabbed a couple of buckets just the same and off I went.

Walking through the rows it didn't take long to realize just how slim it was. The last years "sea of blue" was a few dots amongst green bushes. Others were there picking but not showing much for their efforts. They had children with them and it seemed more like they were on a days outing scavenger hunting with the sounds of nursery rhythms for entertainment.

But as I walked the rows I was reminded of a story in Luke chapter five; Jesus was standing by a lake and being pressed by the multitude around Him who were listening to the word of God. Seeing two boats empty as the men were washing there nets - Jesus stepped into one boat belonging to Simon and He asked him to go out a ways. Jesus sat down and began teaching from the boat. As He finished and saying to Simon put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch. I can imagine Simon with his response since he and the other men worked all night and caught nothing. But Simon at the Lord's request went out and let down the nets. There was so much fish their nets begun to break.

So here I am walking through the rows thinking about all the fish, and I was thinking that nothing is impossible for God.

Matthew 19:26 "With men this is impossible but for God all things are possible."

There's a number of things you can learn from this one story but that's what I was thinking. The Lord has been so wonderful in how He's been answering our prayers. During the past several months, and not only, there has been many requests going to Him. We have been learning to be more specific in our requests. It is true that sometimes we don't know just what to pray for and we'll have others intercede on our behalf. Also for those baptized in the Holy Spirit; He will by praying in the spirit.

In the month of June alone He has answered specific prayers and all for His glory. Three prayers were for my Mom. She had ask specifically about her job and He answered that request as well as two others (we asked that her financial needs would be met, and physical healing for her eye). Also my sister had been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and we specifically prayed that when the biopsy was done they wouldn't find what they said she had and that all the results would come back not only negative but that this answer to prayer would be for His glory. He heard and answered! PTL! There's so many other request that He has answered and fulfilled and in the past month. What a blessing.

Now getting back to the blueberries! Again I didn't have a lot of time to spend on picking, yet alone hunting for good berries. I knew the Lord would answer my request - after all "think about all those fish!" So I asked Him; Lord all I need is a bucket full. He answered, not only with a full bucket but with the plump juicy ones. He guided me in the right direction and to a few bushes, when I pick from one I'd start picking from another and turning back to the one I'd already picked from - had more on! He could have given me more but that was my request - that was what I needed. His answers are always the best and He does supply all our needs; and not always in the way we expect. What is your prayer request?

Mark 11:24 "Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted you."

James 1:6 But let him ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.