Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Bit Of Autumn Coming ~

Yesterday, but not today, I heard a small soft voice telling me -  when you go on your walk take your camera.  So yesterday morning Sophie and I went out on our walk, the air was cool and crisp - perfect for walking.  Sophie really does not care for the heat where as Miki loves the heat; moving out west should prove to be interesting indeed.  But for Sophie she was very happy on the walk - I usually let her off her lead to romp and run in the field and ditches that are across street.  Also across the street from the house are woods not yet fully developed, there are a just few houses; it's great for walks and exploring.
But did I listen to that small voice? No.  I wished I had.  For on that walk I saw the coolest thing, as Sophie was investigating new smells in ditch, I was looking at a couple Blue Birds up in the branches of a couple dead trees that were side by side.  They were going from one to the other as if they were playing.  I followed the trees down and when I got to where I was looking straight ahead - there it was sitting on a nub on one of the dead trees and owl.  It was setting ever so quietly watching Sophie.  The owl seemed to be very curious as to what she was doing.  I was so excited and amazed at watching this owl.  Then very unhappy that I didn't bring my camera!   I can't be totally certain but after looking up owls of Ohio I'm leaning toward it being The Barred Owl.  It's markings blended in with the trees and after reading about the owl it had the characteristics of the Barred.  Absolutely awesome.
After awhile he/she lit off the tree to another and then further into the woods - without one sound.

I went back the next few days with camera in hand hoping to get a glimpse of that beautiful bird and capture a shot for my collection of bird photos.  Nope! I'm sorry to say I haven't seen the owl again but I do hear hoos at night; so someday (hopefully soon) I'll be able to catch a shot but for now I hope you enjoy the shots I did take of autumn coming.

Have you ever heard a small soft voice from inside telling you something?  I think all of us have experience something like this.  You might go with a gut feeling, some say it's intuition, or your inner self.  I believe mostly all of the time - for me its the Holy Spirit.  You might not agree and that okay.  But, I believe that God wants to richly bless us and in His word He said He would speak to His sheep.  Even if it's in the simple things in our lives like taking a walk and enjoying His creations in Autumn.  That is a relationship.

For information on owls in Ohio you can go to:
And this site how to spot a  Barred Owl


Anonymous said...

I have had this happen to me SO many times! And I'll say, "I wish I taken such and such." I too believe that it is God speaking to me. Crisp and cool sounds nice! Our mornings have been in the 50's but our afternoons are around 100 degrees! I am looking forward to cooler temperatures next week. Hope you are enjoying your day! ~Eileen

Becky said...


Anonymous said...

"Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever."
(Psalm 86 and Psalm 16:5-11)


Wendy said...

Hi Vicky
I also love the Autumn, aren't we blessed to be given it?
P.S. You look FABULOUS in that hat!