Monday, August 1, 2011

"Clap Your Hands - Sing Praises!"

I remember singing a version of "Clap you hands," at churches we attended in Oregon and Washington. Since then songs we'd sung have changed into different styles or aren't even sung at all. Frankly- praise and worship doesn't seem to be praise and worship anymore as God had intended it to be; many churches have taken the concert approach to gain new members or for larger attendance. Is it possible that the song that used to be is only for campfires now vs. church? Sadly I say this since many of the songs ministered to others and me, the songs are greatly missed. These songs taken from scripture were perfect; leading you into a higher form of praise and worship. And you knew God's presences was there and ready to do a work in your life sometimes were even life changing. The YouTube clip below has version I heard this morning and like it, yet it’s different.
“Clap your hands all ye people shout onto God with a voice of triumph” or “Sing praises onto God sing praises for God is the King over all the earth sing praises unto Him with understanding Clap your hands shout all ye people for He is to be greatly praised!!” Not exact but you get the idea~
You may or may not be interested in what made me think of this? You may have been thinking similar. My sister and I had been sharing over the weekend about song service at the church’s we attend and how churches general are starting to change or did change leading their services. Then this morning when checking my email I received a weekly e-devotional from Derek Prince Ministries the scripture verse" shared today had been used in songs we used to sing. So I thought I’d share my thought and devotional in this post.
What makes praise and worship so important? Victories are won, healing take place, where there is no hope - people are delivered / transformed - miracles still happen! GOD NEVER CHANGES! We do! Praise and Worship is (should be) more than just "song" service or "lip" service as it used to be called. The psalmist said He is enthroned (or inhabits) the praises of His people. Psalm 22;3 All of us look to win victories and sometimes don't - maybe we should start by looking at how are not entering into the battle~

Here is the e-devotional I received:

August 1, 2011

Appropriate Response
Here is a word for you from the Word
Psalm 47:1, 5-6
Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. God has ascended amid shouts of joy, the LORD amid the sounding of trumpets. Sing praises to God; sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. NIV
That’s the Bible’s picture of the response that’s appropriate to God in His power and in His glory. The one specific word that sums up that which God’s greatness, grandeur should provoke from you and me is the word praise, but a very all-inclusive kind of praise, a praise that occupies every part of our physical body, a praise that occupies all our faculties.

“Clap your hands all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.” That’s something more than just religious respectability. That’s a total response of our redeemed being to the Lord in His greatness. Clap our hands; shout to God.

Then it says, “God has ascended amid shouts of joy, … amid the sounding of trumpets.” Shouts and clapping of hands and musical instruments are all required to sound forth the praise of God.

And then it goes on, “Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises.” You know, it’s a theme, “Sing praises, sing praises, sing praises.” That’s how we have to respond to God. - Derek Prince
If you don't already - won't you consider being spiritually ready for any battle you might be going through praise and worship. Lifting up you hearts and hands to the Lord.

The Governor of TX, Rick Perry, has the right idea. We need to be in prayer for OUR Country. Through (too many) bad years politically our country this Nation is dying and it doesn't appear to be a slow death. Let's join Mr. Perry and TX in praying for our country - our nation. Let us enter into God's presence with songs of praise and shouts of joy for victory over that which destroys lives!

Let's praise the Lord and sing unto Him - let's lift our voices high and together!!

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