Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Welcomed Sight~

What a welcomed look for an old weathered door!  We've been graced with autumn for a while and now finally enjoying "welcomed" cooler nights!  :D

I'm looking forward to winter - friends in the east you're surprised I'm sure - but summer involved a lot of work and I'm tired.  August was a rough month, the hottest in fact, with leaving me feeling and looking much as that weathered door! :/  LOL

Autumn so far has been extremely busy; a close second to - if not very similar to summer. .  October was spent driving back and forth to Tucson, my husband finally had his knee surgery with a few complications but God was wonderful as always and Jim is healing up good; working hard on his exercises.  I've had to put the gardens needs aside again but we're blessed with harvesting goodies.  I'm ashamed of how it's looking and it will take work to get it where it needs to be for winter and ready for spring.   I will (I'm hoping) get to it soon.   I mainly need to get the last of the tomatoes and eggplant for now before a frost hits.

Frost could most definitely be upon us soon.  Last night we had a wind that was - well it wasn't the wind I'm described here - but it was something.  It also brought a beautiful shower we've been missing here and I woke up to our first dusting of snow on our mountain! (11.6.11)

Toward the center seen from house.

Lower right side seen from house.

 So now Sunday morning and last night just got down to 39 degrees; still very cool but not freezing.  So yesterday after looking at the over temps and wind chill, if there was wind, it would be hard for the tomatoes if left on the vine.  Last year we lost a bunch and I did not want that to happen again.  So going out around 5PM I did what I could and harvested until I said, "I'll take my chances!" LOL

My herbs all went crazy carpeting the garden floor - the tomatoes you see are from three plants, two of which I cut down previous to discard.  I saw new leaves starting and decided to let them go and if it wasn't for the weather they would be a pretty red!  Though many do like "fried green tomatoes!"  Not showing are my jalapenos, Japanese eggplant and other various herbs.  Now what to do?  Hummm. . .

I'm happy about cooler temps and slower days for sure.  I hoping I'll soon be able to prop up new boots Jim bought me last month from Lighting Shoe Store in town, one the the oldest shops here. 

Propped will be nice - so far - they've been getting a work out.   They are without a doubt the most comfortable, practical boots I ever owned.  I got Durango's  Flirtatious Boot~

So here's to hoping you'll soon be able to put you boots up and rest - but for the meantime I hope you will continue resting and putting your trust in the Lord.  :D

Matthew 11:28

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Deedy said...

Love the door! The veggies on the counter look awesome...I have a few potted herbs on the protected porch but the tomatoes(in large pots) were brought into the greenhouse weeks back...scattered snow here perhaps this week??? Psalm 27? That was 'Nora's psalm', since she was a tiny thing.....and now forever my favorite...blessings...D.