Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Needing Some Inspiration! :/

I've had a few set backs in the gardening dept. and slowly mind you - slowly, trying to get up to speed and aside for that - frankly it's way to hot, way to early!  So I've been compromising and working inside on things neglected for to long.  It's possible I'm repeating myself here! lol  I have a few other excuses also, my dad hadn't felt well so I helped out for a while with all his chickens.  Most recent I significantly cut my finger, long story, and when I was cutting onions to dehydrate I cut another finger same hand! Big time OUCH!  "I need some inspiration soon, AAUGH!"
One project I've been happy to start back up is a quilt that has been long over due.  I think its called Julie's quilt! lol Actually the pattern is called Turning Twenty click here to see some finished quilts at Donna's In The Attic, I hope it doesn't take me twenty more months or years to do ~  Soon Julie soon.  I am remaining hopeful  :D

I sure miss my old sewing room - the dining table worked out well though - I need to get it done, pronto!

Books I've been looking at:
Sonoran Desert Food Plants, by Charles W. Kane (Edible uses for the Desert's Wild bounty)
Amphibians and Reptiles in Arizona by Thomas C. Brennan and Andrew T. Holycross  (pretty cool field guide)
How To Get Started In Southwest Gardening by Janice Busco with Rob Procter (very nice)

I guess the most important thing that is on my mind is Children's Church.  Originally we thought we were sharing in the class, taking turns, now we are the only ones.  Sometimes there's 0 - 2 kids sometimes more - but no more than 5.  Ages 5-11.  Planning is difficult,  preparing for maybe :(  - So if you're a praying person send up a few for us.

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