Friday, February 22, 2013

Projects ~

The Concern ~
Dad's riding mower!  You wouldn't think that a riding mower would require all the thought that is in this "new" project.
It all started, when?  I'm not quite sure, though the concern was storing it for the winter.  You have to admit that it can be tiresome - always covering and uncovering something you use with tarp and when you'd like to use it - you quickly change your mind; you understand.  :)
So for serval winters and rainy seasons (we do have a few) this has been going on.

Another concern was to put to use a stack of Trusses we purchase for a "that good price" a couple years back.
The solution?  Think big!
Like a 19' x 21' something shed.  I didn't get pictures of every stage, but will say that being apart of the project when you have your own "projects" going on makes it quite interesting to say the least.

The Stages:
First of course, is coming up with the solution.
Second, planning process.
Third, sharing and reserving the right to change ones mind many times. :)
Four, getting started.  (You of course more or less get more involved).
Five measuring - staking - remeasuring - moving stakes - remeasuring - grumble.  .  . LOL - long process.  A good friend came over and checked measurements on a day that NOAA issued warnings - "very windy conditions with gusts up to 35 - 40 mph."  They measured and remeasured jiggling!  I can't remember at this point what my project(s) was - maybe finishing up the cart seat cover or working on the quilt.  Something important though!
Six, Dad by hand dug the footer!  Lousy weather happened off and on through all of this to get us to next phase rebar placement.  We remeasured to be on the safe side and the previous windy conditions didn't help!  My words "your kidding me! remeasure!" grumble. .
Seven, another good friend came with his girlfriend to help with the rebar and worked hard.  They checked the measurements, did some "jiggling" and started placing the rebar for concrete work.

Of course this was NOT a good day for me to help since I was baking a half sheet cake as a surprise for the pastors birthday that Sunday!  Originally, the cake was for the following Sunday, but the plans had changed and left me with doing it all in one day.  So I remember saying something like - Dad I will be busy (I think) baking and decorating a cake for the pastors birthday.  From that time on the phone didn't quit! I finally got the cake in the oven (making it from scratch - thinking no interruptions).  LOL  The phone rang - Vik run down to Ace and get - as he's rattling off the cut amounts of rebar - I had to cut in - I just put the cake in the oven and can't leave!  Off he went Ace.

Now, it's usually good to have time on your side doing a cake like this - It was NOT a pleasant experience and I wasn't happy!  I was stressing :/  This is the shortened version of the day - the rebar got placed nicely and the cake?  Well it didn't get done until the next day.  Yep we delivered the cake after making a trip for more powered sugar - the first icing was difficult an wasn't working so I had to redo the top icing over the first to then decorate!!  OH MY GOODNESS! What a time.  I was stressing to the sound of "Aren't you done with that cake yet?" That kept echoing in my mind.  Funny though Dad finally realized the type of cake I was doing and couldn't believe it.  I guess both our minds were preoccupied on our projects.  Over all I added to my frustration and wasn't following sound advice I share with others.  :(

Rebar in footer ~
Stages (con):
Eight, good friends come on a really lousy day and mixed and poured all the concrete.  I'm so happy Dad has made such wonderful friends - he is more blessed than he might realize.  I was also happy that I didn't have something huge happening and planned food that I started a couple days in advance.   We had homemade Ranch style beans - potato salad and T-bones on the grill.  I did make a cake -the same recipe as the pastors - however, a much smaller version and not decorated; just good.  All for a thank you to good friends.

Tripp supervising his boys ~ all worked hard!

There's plenty more that will need to be done coming up and Dad has the metal studs all ready to go.  But first some block work will need to be done.  Again friends will be here to help.  Dad at 79 has finally acknowledged he does have some limitations, he still can work around most.  I'm hoping he'll relax when it's all done - he told me this is it - NO more projects!  Or at least none so big.  :D

Jiggling - adjusting the line for accurately squaring an area for your foundation.
Stressed/Anxious - hummm everything I shouldn't have been.  And, not really the best word to have used - maybe frustrated.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6
I did and He answered.  There was NO need for me to be anything but patient and trusting.  Sometimes a hard listen but one worth learning.

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