Friday, December 26, 2014

Bags ~

Ye Ole Loot Bag ~ (lined)

Nice size to carry a few groceries.

Straps made from super heavy nylon webbing.

upholstery fabric

Coloring is a bit off ~

Each project you decide on a size that will soot your particular needs.  The grocery bag was single heavier weight fabric cut 36" w x 19" L ,  I folded in half width - right sides together and stitched along the opening (L shape) 3/8 of an inch.  I then zig-zagged around raw edges or you could a serger if you have access.
I then brought the fold side together with sewn side (still right sides together) and you will have formed 2 triangles at the bottom either side.   Measure the point back 3" or 2" (this is to create the bottom and sew across.   This is also optional.  Do this on both sides and then I stitched corner triangle down (opt).  I think you can see the idea two pictures up.  
Once bottom is finished roll down and press at the top opening to form a 1" band.  I allowed for 2" folding once at 1" then again.  I stitched all the way around as close to the lower edge as possible.  Next I placed where I wanted the strapped and sewed down.  Middle picture of straps you can see I folded and sewn to fit the comfort of a hand.  (opt).

For the goodie I sewn top opening down and allowed to run a ribbon through to pull closed.  This was just a quick "look" at what I recently made, so if you have any questions on a how to let me know.

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