Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Yep a new entry.  .  .

I have been up and down in the decorating department since we moved back to the southwest, more like on and off depending on able-ness.  It's complicated.  Anyway, I was able to ship out a few things surprising early.  And, I mean surprisingly! Yep something just came over me a couple weeks ago in the creative department.  I wanted to do something special for dear friends - even I was impressed.  I actually sewed something, keep in mind Julie I haven't forgotten the quilt (I'm ashamed)!  It's been so long I believed you when you said, "It's been so long I forgot what the fabric even looks like."  (I'm ashamed)!  I need more than inspiration! It's complicated ~

Getting back to being impressed -

Merry Christmas to my girls, Joan, Monica and Rita!

It's called "the emmeline apron" that I purchased from the Jack of Arts here in town.  The Teapot fabric I purchased years ago from Calico Corners in Ohio; it is a discontinued fabric from Bloomcraft. I tried everything in search of it and it's no where that I can find.  So the aprons are truly one of a kind including a few little mistakes! lol  There is so much fabric in this apron :D - and you can have fun cooking it up with one side and dress up serving with the other.  I opted out on tying around the neckline since the strap at the waistline is so big.  Some have made the pattern with a narrower strap; I followed the directions with the full 3" width finish.  If I make this again I would probably use less  - "possibly."
The smaller apron was an idea I had for Rita, youngster, that she can grow into, it actually is my favorite.  For the boys I made pillowcases that they can hangout together and watch sports or movies ~

I wanted to do something special for my dear friends (family) that have been a blessing to me.  This year I guess was it, my husband said his present was to see me sew again.  Will see if the "phenomenon" continues.

In keeping with a reversible theme, and not to leave out  -

Our "Sweetman" Logan

I felt like he needed his own stocking.

      I had leftover material from other projects.

Jim suggested the bandana. 

With special touches. 

So a couple days ago I decided our girl Reilly needed her own stocking from me.

Stockings had become an important part of our family (immediate).  Our Christmas tradition we started when our boys were very young.  I don't know how I decided to do this but all of us enjoyed having the stockings.  We first would include them as part of our over all decorations.  Then after the boys went to bed Christmas Eve I would fill up the boys stockings with all kinds of fun things and goodies.  The stockings would usually be placed in their rooms on their beds just before they'd wake,  Then I'd go back and lay down to prepare myself for the day but mostly listen for happy sounds of excitement.  We got to rest awhile and the boys enjoyed their loot!  My husband said he thinks the boys enjoyed their stockings the most.

Part of the fabric used in Reilly's stocking came from Christmas curtains I made when the boys were younger in NM.  Also the corduroy I used for reversible side is also trim for Logan's.

I pray that everyone has a blessed Christmas.  Last year at this time was spent at the hospital with my husband recouping from an emergency neck surgery.  I didn't get anything done as far as Christmas goes.  It was a long hard time for us.  I'm so thankful that he came out of the surgery alive and not paralyzed.  Praise God!  Our journeys aren't over and the past year plus has been something for the books as my gram used to say.  But those stories will have to wait for more time to share.

Merry Christmas one and all with blessing for the New Year!  I serve an awesome God who loves us all.  It's why we celebrate Christmas - though maybe not the exact day but we celebrate the birth of Jesus - Gods gift to a sinful world.

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.  And he will be called, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6

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