Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Earlier this year "Bib" sewing projects ~

I sooo wanted to make this bib pattern for our "sweetman!"  I had been searching for almost three years for my patterns I knew came in the move here and I couldn't find any anywhere!   Patterns I found in many specialty quilting shops over the years and on line; none of them! Most of the patterns were irreplaceable so I couldn't located any to repurchase even if I wanted to or afford to.  So it truly made my day when I recently found there in the container in a different box that I've over looked many many times! AUGH!  It literally made me ill to think of them missing!  The frustration it was even more so when I found them only to misplaced them a second time - oh my word!

In Ohio I purchased many cool cotton prints to use for kids and thankfully was able to use what I had for the bibs except for a few of the flannel backings.  I was invited to a baby shower for a friend at church and decided to make her a couple bibs for a little girl.  In the process I made up several.

I was happy how they all turned out.  While I was rooting through material I found leftovers pieces I used in a previous blanket for one or both of my nieces (its been years) and made this little throw to go with the shower gift to.  I stitched the hearts on top so they could fray with washing.  Just something simple.

I enjoyed working on this - my husband said it made him happy to see me sew and at times he was even teary eyed.  I'm always running around busy on the move (I never made it to the shower) - I'm thankful I was able to do this.  I've been slowing down a tad and trying to fit in things I've enjoyed in the past.

Years ago my sister and I were talking about blogging and said to me, "I don't have the luxury of time."  It offended me some because I felt that I was pretty busy, but felt sad to think she didn't have as much free time herself.  She was busy, though seemed to have that ability to plan things she and family enjoyed.  I was out somewhere shopping and saw this book - Women Who Do Too Much, by Patricia Sprinkle, "How to stop doing it all and start enjoying your life."  Upon seeing it I thought of her, I knew she enjoyed reading and it looked pretty good so I bought.  I never got around giving it to her and found it in with my other boxed up books to read.  I thought I'd check it out myself - that was two years ago maybe three - I've been to busy! LOL  I take time here and there for quiet  and when I get to bed - I'm done, comatose as my mom would say, but even then sometimes my brain remains busy.  I've slowly been changing that up.  :)

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