Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When It's A Beautiful Day ~

That's exactly what it is!  Or was on this particular day of this year January 6.  I haven't had the chance to share much, I always seem to be in a hurry and like when I post recipes I'm sometimes reduced to what is easier to post.  :/  And still my camera is on the fritz - actually one lens isn't working properly.  So if you are of the praying sort, pray I can replace my lens.  :)

What I did get was a few shots of gorgeous. Okay several ~ :)

What was so great about this day?  It was a short jaunt down the road with someone I love; it was crisp but not cold, big blue skies with God made clouds and we still able to enjoy seeing the snow on the mountain.  Beautiful ~  It's so refreshing to see Gods beauty and gorgeous sky without mans interference.   However, as glorious as this day and its beauty was; it can't compare to what God has waiting.

Time has taken its toll on this old adobe home, is all but gone.  . 

 I don't know who it belonged to though throughout the years I've watch it breakdown.

It must have been beautiful when it was built along a sparsely traveled road at the time; with a magnificent view of what I refer to as our mountain. 

Just think- maybe someone just starting out and thought it would be a good place to raise a family.

I can imagine quiet open space with song birds singing and maybe an occasional yips from a coyote passing through. 

Of course there was a beautiful tree for shade and visiting under, discussing all that went on that day.


 How about the rising and setting of the sun, can you just imagine?


It must have been lonely a time or two - of course, with a trip into town every so often making it not so bad - something to look forward to. 

All the plans that must have been made?

It was a day to dream ~ 

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