Sunday, May 28, 2017

This Memorial Day

Looking upon this Memorial Day I'm flooded with heartfelt emotions.   While all of us celebrate in different ways I think of my husband today and the journey he was on, we both were on.  Not to be confused with Veterans Day, Memorial Day was set aside to recognize all those whom lost their lives in service to our country.  This is truly an honor we all should take part in recognizing the men and women that lost their lives and let their families know we've not forgotten those that sacrificed dearly for us and others.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.   John15:13 ESV

My Jim didn't loose his life serving in a war but I can't help not think of him today and how he served.  He truly believed in the verse above.  When he entered the USCG he went in to serve and for the time he was in he gave his all.  He ended in an early retirement do to illness, yet still served helping other servicemen and women.  Later still served in what ever capacity he could until he could no longer.

It should be needless to say how proud of Jim we are; "We are so proud!"   After Jim's death I had to go through so much paper work- still do, to be honest it has been less the past few weeks. I find it interesting how you don't think of all that should be taken care of or neglect when you are preoccupied with trying to be well, believing you will get well or just life.  In the process of all the paper stuff, I had sent off for Jim's records from the National Archives.  We actually had all that was sent except for a few things.  As I looked over everything I found a copy of an award he received when he retired.  I had forgotten what the award said, also read by his commander.  It was a very proud moment as we listened also sad since he wanted to finish his career in Coast Guard.  We have the real citation framed and packed away so I couldn't share it, the copy will suffice until I find it.  I am as proud reading the copy today as I was hearing it being read, and you do forget things, particularly all that Jim accomplished in a short time at his last duty station.  He had spent much of his life devoted to things which he accomplished in like manner at other duty stations and while a civilian.

Jim cared for all who served as well as the spouses of those fallen, as stated in the citation.  He prayed for them as well.  However, Jim himself would be the first to tell you that he was not without fault and failed many times. Like many people we love they might not go recognized by the world for what they do, Jim was recognized by those that loved him and others who knew him as someone that cared and was admired.  I believe that where man may fail and knowing you have the forgiveness of a loving Savior that is the best recognition there could possibly be - knowing God's grace.  Jim would have told you this, and his walk and work ethic was one that was to please God not man though he was not perfect.  Jim was a blessed man for his relationship with a loving heavenly Father not through a religion.

Jim often looked at the page(s) of the men and women listed in The Retiree Newsletter that served and are of course no longer with us.  Jim had seen many that he'd known and met over the years.  I've often looked at that page for people I might have known and this month I saw Jim's ~  I know how the families feel seeing their loved one on the USCG Taps pages.  I also know how I feel having the loving support from those that care for me and my family - thank you all for the calls and visits we have together, Jim would have been pleased with that.  Possibly using a friends phrase "Good on you!"

Lastly, I don't know what Jim would have thought, will yes do :) and it's pretty cool we're happy that there is something that families can have.  Jim would grieve at how those in service are many times treated and forgotten, take the time for them and say a prayer with a thankful heart.  Jim started a blog, he was a gifted writer and had so much to share but wasn't able from his illness.  I've been thinking about his blog with the possibility of working on it with his thoughts and where he was going with his theme using his journals.  But we'll see I'm having a time of it keeping up with my own.  I miss him ~ Vicky

7/30/60 - 2/4/17