Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Can't Always Be So Serious!

I've been trying not to always make my entries so serious and you know I always say it's good to laugh. I just wished somebody would say something funny! Like just a moment ago I said to my husband, "I guess next time I want support I'll just go out and buy hose!" This week seems to be a continuation of last week share of problems. Yes, in my last post I "in all seriousness," do very much believe what I write - (preach).   However, you can and do at times have a moment or two where you may experience relapse.

Last week - Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day and we decided since Aaron wasn't going to be around that we would just have our "traditional" meal Wednesday - of course being that this family is so Irish why we only have Irish inspired foods on St. Patty's Day I don't know; My husband says that its "bland and bland with a side of boring!" But, needless as it may, dinner was going to be Wednesday so Aaron would be around.

Wednesday morning I started with getting a few jobs around the house going. This was after my morning routine (I usually get up around 6 and sit with a cup of joe, read and plan the day). Then a knock came from the front door in which the girls (Miki and Sophie) took off running and barking. I carefully started opening the front door, it was some Realtor wanting to show the house. She immediately added, "Oh didn't your Realtor get a hold of you? NO, I said. Then she mentioned oh, the man that she was wanting to show the house to was afraid of dogs! He actually was standing close enough that if need be he had a good shot to the car. As I told her, knowing full well she already guessed for the crazed look I had, this wasn't the best time. She said she'd be back another time. At that point I went further into my crazed frenzy! This house is always a mess! The Realtor - when she does call- always says "is it OK for someone to stop by in about 20 minutes?" I don't know about you but we always need more time than 20 minutes - its really a joke but not a ha ha kind of one.  So in my fit (just in case someone would be back) I started to mop the floors up etc. so I could get started on my "Irish meal."  A little time went by and Jim asked, "do you hear water running?" I quickly ran into the laundry room after him and our surprise the tub was overflowing with the mop in it. WHAT WAS I THINKING! I'll get the wet vac I added to the rest of the gibberish that was coming from my mouth. Off I went.

Down to the basement I flew and into the back where Jim's wood working equipment was, I freaked! It was raining everywhere - and as I'm trying to get the top to stay on as it kept hitting my leg - I finally managed to get the vac up to the laundry room to help clean up that mess. Then a rushed back to the basement to suck -up the water from off the equipment. We had a time of it; I just kept saying I was sorry. . >>>>  Now on the good note.

I was so happy that my dinner turned out "it was the best I think I made with a loaf a soda bread to boot." That was Wednesday and Aaron didn't make it home till Thursday - no comment- but there were plenty of leftovers. As for the Realtor, she never returned and we haven't heard from ours. Whatever!

This week - and time really goes by way to fast, I've been dealing with my taxes to my web based business. With all that's been going on around here as with most of my life, it seems to be the same or similar scenario as depict in above story. And, Boy do I have stories from everywhere I've lived or gone! Things of this nature not only happens to my Mom but my Dad also, I usually tell those I'm talking to I've been plagued with a double whammy! But, truly there is a lot I've (we've) being dealing with in our lives here so those times as above can make for a stressful time to say the lest. So much of how we feel, Davids description in Psalm 69 pretty much hits the nail on the head, many times it feels over whelming so unbearable. I'm truly blessed with God's grace; He is faithful to help us bear up and get through even when we my feel abandon. He promised though in His word that He would never leave or forsake us. He is faithful to His word.

But for the taxes, I'm current with my sales and usage tax except for last year. As I explained to the person "helping" - that considering I only sold a small amount (so small the last half of last year equaled a sale of 24. + dollars - tax would be around a dollar something), my taxes were the last thing on my mind. As I continued to explain that we're in the process of selling and had packed much of our things (not thinking we were still going to be here). Since we are the ones moving ourselves we have to be ready when we need to leave. But as in all States, they will send you an estimated amount based on someones (other than me) exploding business. LOL They will just have to stand in line like many others.. After all you can't get blood from a turnip even if you try! It also was very pathetic to have a sale that low I just haven't been working the business as I should have been.

I do however, very much stand behind the products the quality is outstanding; to keep loyal customers is a different story. I finally stopped mentioning to family that they can purchase what they already buy on line through my site and I sometimes joke if I can't sell to my family how can I believe others will buy. Doesn't the Bible talk about not being welcome with family. No; that's not right it's a "Prophet is not without honor expect in his hometown and in his own household." So true is this statement from Jesus. (I'm not making light of this it just makes me sad). Though back to the business the Lord sent me another customer and I happy. Is that weird?

Anyway this is just tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of what normally goes on. I have to find humor in life our I could go coo coo I don't think I have gone coo coo yet! Ha And with the Lords help I know I'll will prevail.

It's good for me to post things like this once in awhile. You didn't think stuff like this only happens to you now did you? LOL


Becky said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone when it comes to those slap-stick kind of events! (It would be slap stick if it were someone else's!)

Life is sure full of interesting circumstances. Sometime's it's tough just getting up in the morning but laughter does make it much more bearable. Thanks for sharing. You certainly are an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Vic! Sometimes I think it is only me who starts to do something, only to walk away and forget about it! I may not laugh about it when it happens but I definitely try to laugh about it later on! That is what keeps us sane! And if it were not for having the Lord by my side always, I might not have made it this far! Matthew 28:20

By the way, who ever heard of showing a house so early in the morning???

James said...

Some of my favorite verses from Psalm 69 are:

1 Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck.

2 I sink in the miry depths,
where there is no foothold. I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me.


5 You know my folly, O God; my guilt is not hidden from you.

and a couple more,

13 But I pray to you, O LORD, in the time of your favor;in your great love, O God,answer me with your sure salvation.

14 Rescue me from the mire, do not let me sink; deliver me from those who hate me, from the deep waters.

Of course the all 36 verses speak directly to me -- I've found myself reading this particular Psalm every day. Sometimes I have a good laugh, as it evokes images of some of the funny events of the day. And sometimes it makes me sad as the it speaks such deep truths of our present day trials as we try to get through the day.

Doctor Don Colbert (Stress Less, Toxic Relief, and many other other books) advocates 10 "belly laughs" every day. Wow, think about that for a minute! He's not just talking about a little chuckle or smirk, he's talking about "bring tears to your eyes" laughter. I've really got to work on this. Vik is one of the few people that can actually make me laugh...she needs to try harder to get me to "belly laugh." Guess I'll have to work on giving her some better material to use for her comic routine, I've always been too serious.

patty said...

I feel like I am in a growing community of chaos. I love reading your blog Vik. I am sorry for all you are going through. I have to agree about needing a sense of humor, I keep mine in my pocket. Love some of your humorous pictures. I can totally relate to the panty hose support comment.
If and when I do order off of the internet (not a habit we have here yet) I will certianly order through your site !
Keep looking UP, not across or toward any other person or direction. God is so good and He will never leave your side. Keep your faith close, your Lord closer.
I do love you and if you want to talk I am here.