Friday, July 17, 2009

My Day So Far . . .

Today I had a some what busy morning and thinking about it when don't I have something going on these resent days. This morning I worked some dough for bread and went to Voytko Farms to pick blue berries. This year my picking companions were my friend Joan and little sweet granddaughter Rita. I was so happy Joan asked me to pick berries with her. we went for blue berries and was blessed with black raspberries. Little Rita was a trooper and not only did she pick and get pricked; she helped spot the good ones for us. This will be a wonderful memory for me. Thank you Joanie.

After awhile Rita wanted to head back so Joan took her home, as she was tired. Then Joan came back to the farm and we headed for the blue berries. This year the blue berries were not as thick as last years but, not all were ripe just yet. I think or I hope I can get back over if a few days or so.

We have down sized quite a bit but we still have a lot to do. Our hope is to be out on Ohio at this point by the end of the month or sooner. We have to leave it in the Lords hands. He is the only one that is keeping me sane.

Today's weather is also interesting - after I got home and got my bread in the oven; clouds of what looked like doom came up. Then all of a sudden at the sky opened up and it came down hard and fast. Within about 5 minutes or more it moved on. Hey that's Ohio!

Last years post Blueberry Heaven and be found here:
and, Voytko Farms is found here: I hope if you're in the area you make plans to stop in.


Wendy said...

Vicky your day at the farm sounds perfect.
Little helpers are always so good at spotting 'good ones'. :)

Wendy said...
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