Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cool Morning - Cinnamon Coffee & Andres Segovia :)

Yesterday we took a bit of a break from the packing saga by going to the doctors and having my husbands arm looked at again, hopefully it will be completely healed soon from his surgery. While leaving the doctors I was rolling down the window in the truck and it flew - not to return (dropping to the bottom of the door) so that was interesting! I also pick up coffee at a store and last night went to grind the beans and stood there staring - I packed the grinder. . . but no worries I got my old one out and ground some of the cinnamon that was left and cleaned it out. I think I might have mentioned that I will never by powered cinnamon again and only grind it myself - it is wonderful. Anyway, I got my coffee ready for this morning poured a cup and it has a wonderful hint of cinnamon that tastes awesome. I no doubt will do this again:)

The mornings have been cool,
fall is on its way,
we are still here and -
will continue packing today.
One day I'll be done. LOL
VLB 9-4-09

I thought you might enjoy this short video I found on youtube. I enjoy listening to guitar and often find favorite guitarist on there and this morning found one with beautiful photography to share. Enjoy and have a wonderful today.

The person who posted the video wrote this about it. For my mother on her birthday! My own photos, from a few places on the west coast of Sweden, and from my garden. From autumn to summer. Bach's third cello suite played by Andres Segovia on guitar.


Becky said...

Beautiful photograph! Cinnamon added to coffee grounds is supposed to help lower cholesterol, too! I keep praying that you'll be picking apples this month in Arizona.................I didn't realize your husband had surgery. You both sure have had your fill of trials but brighter days are ahead and coming quicker all the time. I think you've gotten to the top of the hill and will come barelling down the other side with the wind blowing your hair and a true sense of freedom with the Lord sailing right with you.

Refracted Lite said...

Barreling down a hill with wind in my hair sounds awesome. I have a few more hurdles though but I'm hoping very soon.. Love ya