Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Quilt For Logan ~

With February almost gone I worked very hard to finish this project.  I started getting the blocks together in October when Logan was born.  I wanted it to be something that had some dear memories, like they are for me and a little history for our grandson.

I got the idea several years back when my sister was having a baby and the idea was to paint onesies.  Instead of the onesies we did blocks.  All the guests at the shower painted one and I took them home and put them together into a quilt.

For Logan's instead of sending around fabric and paints, my mom suggested those doing a square do so on paper and then I'd transfer to fabric.  That we did.

The blocks with the cat, train, ship and flower were done in the early 90's for a quilt I made for my Gramma from her great grand-children.  At that time they were drawn and colored with fabric crayons then pressed onto fabric with an iron.  I'm happy I saved them and was able to use them after all these years.  I copied them and used fabric paints.

Still needing a block to balance it out my husband and I did one where he was born.  I didn't use a separate binding to finish this quilt.  I did a self finish bringing the back of the quilt up to front and folding over the raw edges to close.  This created a false binding.  You would then do a blind top stitch - that I haven't used in like forever with my machine - so I had stitched it close.  :)

With some leftover squares I made a pillow.
Lined it with an anchor print.
If not used for a pillow it can double to store quilt when  not in use.
I was a hectic time for me while working on this.   I'm happy its done and fairly pleased with how it turned out.  Now get it in the mail can wait any longer for our little "sweetman" to get it!

Next is a little quilt for our newest little sweetheart.

Our niece Reilly Charlotte ~
Behold, children are a heritage for the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.  Psalm 127: 3 (ESV)

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