Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reilly's Blanket ~

It took some doing with some delays but it finally went into the mail this week!  Yippee! After the birth of our grandson Logan, our great niece arrived just about four months later. Neither, I'm sad to say, I've been able to hold and hug.  I'm hoping to one day soon. Babies can grow so fast and I was hoping to get this done for Reilly to use - Lap quilts are nice to! LOL

I had fabric I used on another blanket for a special little girl I got the above I idea from.
I used part of the fabric to boarder.

A few of the blocks are the same as in Logan's all made in like manner.  Three of the children's are blocks copied from a quilt that was made for our gram in the early 90's.   For hers the kids made a few blocks each and I choose a few more suited for Reilly a bit different from Logan's.

When I saw the print I thought of Reilly and used it in blocks and backing.

As with Logan, I made a pillow for Reilly using the pattern on my pillowcase totorial here.  I just shrunk it down.

I'm pretty much pleased with how it turned out.  :)  Reilly received her blanket/quilt - I was waiting to post this tutorial but not wanting show it before it was seen by recipients. :)  I hoping to post a picture of Reilly and her blanket soon.

Yippee!! Reilly got it.  .  . I'm happy happy happy ~

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