Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Widow - she is.

I've been working on a post since last year and with a not so surprising subject if you have recently been following my blog.  As one can imagine it is not necessarily a subject that lacks a number of emotions.  Grief within it's self is something that can have you all over the place with thoughts and feelings that floods every part of you.  Eventually I'll get to it and finish.

Originally when I first started this blog I wanted to inspire others.  It was also a way for me to connect with others, be creative, share my thoughts and things I enjoy.  I wanted to have something my family could enjoy that was a part of me and to have fun along the way.  I've certainly enjoyed working on my blog - I still would like to inspire people but would also like to help someone that might be going through similar things on their journey called life.

Journalling does help me and I would suggest to anyone, writing your thoughts and feelings down prayers you have, even concerns or anything that is going on.  Memories - family stories or events there really isn't any rules to this but it is good for you.  It has proven to be good for me; it was for my husband and he was very good at it.

I do write more in my journal than I do on my blog, some I share posting here and I do jot ideas down for future posts.

This was today:

March 21, 2018 Wednesday

This morning I thought to myself that widow is something I've never been before or called myself.  It's like I discovered a new development in a case.  I've thought of this word - "name" before but looked at it different this morning.  "I am a widow."

Outside of following what you can glean from the Word; being a widow doesn't come with instructions.  

Pain doesn't seem to go away. But it comes at you less through the time God gives you to allow for healing.


The important part of journaling is that when I go back through my journal, I've found that over the years the Lord had been speaking to my life in such a way that what was written ministers to me this very day.

September 12, 2008

He is faithful and He is full of mercy
His love for you remains the same.

My heart feels broken,
Only you can repair.

Waiting many hours,
I'm feeling deep despair.

Longing for answers,
He can only bring.

Waiting on You Lord,
Help my heart to sing.


And, He is faithful ~

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